Demon’s Souls Remake Dirty Colossus Boss Guide

In this Dirty Colossus Boss guide, we'll explain how to defeat the Dirty Colossus boss in Demon's Souls Remake including its attacks.

In this Dirty Colossus Boss guide, we’ll explain how to defeat the Dirty Colossus boss in Demon’s Souls Remake. We’ll also tell you about its attacks and how to counter them.

Demon’s Souls Remake Dirty Colossus Boss

When you walk through the fog gate in stage 5-2, during the second section of the Valley of Defilement, you’ll find yourself up against the Dirty Colossus boss.

Defeating this lord of flies will get you Eroded Demon’s Soul. This boss happens to be one of the easiest bosses to defeat.

There are several ways of defeating the Dirty Colossus boss, depending on your playstyle.

If you like a street fight, you can always opt for melee attacks and put the boss to its grave in a series of close-range attacks.

However, if you want to maintain your distance from this heap of dirt, you can use a bow and attack it from a distance.

Finally, you can cast magic spells to win the fight.

While fighting the Dirty Colossus boss, you’ll have to aim for the shield at its abdomen. Once it’s destroyed, it’ll be more vulnerable to your attacks.

Also, look out for God’s Wrath attack. During this attack, the flies will surround you and keep inflicting damage on you for a while.

Flies can be destroyed using torches.

Closed Ranged Attacks
For this, you need to equip yourself with your favorite melee weapon and try to stay behind the boss as much as you can.

You can use any Light Weapon or Cursed Weapons upon your liking. However, considering the fact that the best way to get rid of the garbage is to burn it, Turpentine, Black Turpentine, or a Dragon weapon are the best weapons to defeat this boss.

Needless to say, the boss is indeed very weak to magic and fire.

The strategy would be a simple one. Roll behind the boss, attack it as many times as you can, roll back when it attacks, and repeat.

However, you need to watch out for God’s Wrath attack. This is when Dirty Colossus sends swarms of flies your way. You’ll see it coming when it starts curling up in a ball.

You don’t want to be anywhere near the boss when this happens, or you’ll take massive damage from its attack.

Long Ranged Attacks
Get your favorite bow and arrow in action.

We are about to take on this walking embodiment of dirt from a distance.

And by distance, I mean as far as the fog gate from which you enter into the fight.

Once you’ve entered the battlefield, look for a wall on the left, which can be used for a cover.

This will be your hideout spot when the boss sends its army of flies.

All that you need to do is roll out, shoot some arrows, and when you see an attack coming, roll back behind the wall.

This is only possible if you’re not wearing anything heavy.

Given that the Colossus boss hates fire, you can use Lava Bow with Heavy Arrow to get the job done quickly.

You can also take cover behind a torch if you position yourself properly. This would require some practice.

This was it for the fog gate from which you enter.

However, you can also defeat the boss while standing near the gate on the opposite end of the battlefield.

You cannot make a direct sprint from one gate to the other without getting caught up in attacks.

Therefore, take cover behind a torch if you have to before continuing.

Once you reach the gate, take cover behind the wooden planks. These planks will be protecting you from God’s Wrath.

Magic Spells

It is advised that you implement this strategy in Hyper mode.

Take help from the nearby poisonous swamp and Royal Lotus to reduce your HP to 30%.

In doing so, remember you can easily be taken out in a few blows with low HP.

Then wait for the boss to make its move. Immediately afterward, cast the Firestorm spell and repeat.

Clever Rat’s Ring and Morion Blade will help you in the battle.

Whatever you do, always plan your move after its attack, or your attack will be interrupted by its attack and backfire on you.

Fire Spray
Circle the Dirty Colossus boss and then cast it with the spell. You can cast the spell consistently and lower its health before you have to stop and replenish health.

During this time, look out for its attack and dodge them.

Soul Ray Shortcut
This spell can be cast from a distance. And you can start with your attacks right after entering the gate.

Implement the same strategy as that of the bow and arrow. This way, the battle against Dirty Colossus would be won without any effort.

Therefore, if you want to prolong the fight a little, you can also get closer to the boss before casting your spell on it.

This way, you’ll have to watch out for its attacks, and this would make the fight more challenging.

Fragrant ring and spices will also help you during the battle while you’re replenishing your MP

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