Demon’s Souls Remake Boletarian Palace Walkthrough

Boletarian Palace is the first main place you visit in Demon's Souls Remake and this guide will help you complete this area.

In Demon’s Souls Remake, you will have to go through the formidable Boletarain palace, the very first location you can visit. After the cutscene ends, you will find yourself inside the temple. But where do you go from here, what items can you collect, and what foes await you? All of This will be answered in this Demon’s Soul Remake Boletarian Palace Walkthrough.

Demon’s Souls Remake Boletarian Palace

As you enter the Demon’s Souls Remake Boletarian Palace area, turn around and move towards the closed gate of the plaza.

You will find a Half moon grass here hidden in the corner, behind some panels. Turn around again and head up the stairs.

There will be some enemies here, so be ready. They’ll be easy to rout, but they can be an annoyance in a mob, so space out and deal with them one at a time.

Keep going on the path up the stairs, killing the enemies on your way till you find some crows devouring a corpse. Go past these birds where an ambush behind the wooden planks awaits you. Kill the enemies here.

At the end of the staircase, turn left. Make sure you loot all that is available from the corpses. Go up through the short and narrow staircase in the small room.


An archer will be waiting to snipe you with an arrow from across the room from an elevated position.

Block the arrow and kill the enemies here. Carefully stick to the room edges and avoid the hole in the room and climb up to counter the archer.

Go to the new room through the new opening, kill the enemies on the left and the right, loot the corpses and continue straight to the bedrooms.

You will find another guard here, take him down and go straight to the next room.

Now use the staircase in front of you to reach the light here, along the left side of the chamber. Break apart the debris on it to access the light and examine it to obtain Fire Bomb items.

At the top of the staircase, go right where more guards will be waiting to attack you.

Remember! Defend and then attack. Now go past the dead guards and through the Fog door. You will find yourself in a narrow corridor.

A staircase will lead you up to the left side and on the right, there will be an expansive area.

Go the area first to find Unknown Soldier’s Soul and the Mail Breaker. Now go back to the stairs and go up, kill the guard here, which you must do before the flames hit you.

Keep going up the stairs to reach the narrow shaft and kill the flame throwing enemies on the way.

You will now find a stone pathway, follow it and turn right at the end of it. You will now find yourself going outside of the building.

On the outside, you will need to use the scaffoldings to get to the top. Stick to the walls and stay defensive, reach the top and then heal.

If you engage in the fight while you are on the dangerous edges, you might fall down!

On the top, turn left and then go through the narrow opening, which will lead you down the stairs.

Kill the enemies and look out for the rolling stone barrelling towards you.

Avoid the ball and wait for it to come to rest, then break through the debris, go up the stairs, find the corpse to obtain the Bastard Sword.

Climb up the stairs, past the stone trap and you will see some soldiers awaiting you. Kill them with standard attacks.

Clear the roof and make the head of the staircase. From here, you can branch off towards multiple paths.

Go left first and get rid of the archers and some soldiers there on the wooden plank. Make sure you use the shield to deflect the arrows.

Now go back to the staircase and now go straight instead of the left path you took before. You’ll find a knight past the catapult machines.

Block and repeatedly attack the Knight to bring him down. Look at the wall on your right, which is broken down to the ground level.

Find the opening in this wall and drop down on the ledge below, examine the body here and obtain Light Crossbow and Wooden Bolts.

Go back to where you killed the Knight through the stairs on your left but don’t forget to look out for the soldier here.

From here on, move forward (ignore the fog door for now). You’ll find a room where you can get more firebombs.

You will now find a wooden path that will take you down on the edges of the tower. Watch out for a volley of firebomb attacks as they could make you fall down.

In the middle of the path, you will find a door on the left, go through it and reach the wooden platform. You will see some extended chains, destroy them, and go back to the doorway.

Keep going down the staircase and finish off the firebomb throwers. At the bottom, pull the lever to open a nearby gate.

Go through the door and find the corpse containing the Cling Ring.

Follow the path and look right to loot two more dead bodies that have Old Ragged Boots, Robes and Gloves along with Old Spice. You will also get the Jade Hair Ornament.

Remember the Fog door from earlier?  It’s time to finally go through it.

Go all the way back to that door and enter it and go through the path to find enemies patrolling on the bottom of the stairs.

Go near till the guard notices you and then retreat to avoid the damage from the explosive barrels. Kill the guard after the barrels explode.

Go straight and kill the enemy here as you move forward. Find the stacked barrels, go left and enter the new area here.

Deal with the crossbow guard first and then kill the enemies in the area. Now loot the nearby corpse to get the Unknown Soldier’s Soul.

Go straight and up the stairs to find a door being guarded by the Knight.

Kill the knight and then take care of the nearby guard with the crossbow on your left. Finally, loot the corpse here to obtain Late Moon Grass.

Go back towards the fog door but instead go down the stairs and then left to the ground level.

You will find another staircase along the wall, go down to the lower level using it, and you will find a bunch of soldiers here.

Let them notice you and approach you one by one, so you can finish them off.

On the edge of the room you just cleared, break the stacked debris. This will lead you to a narrow opening, go through it and kill the enemy rushing towards you.

Along the pathway, head up to the platform on the right to loot the corpse and to obtained Unknown Soldiers Soul.

Go back to the main passage and kill the Knight waiting for you, go forward and then on the archway left from the room you just entered.

Kill the enemies here one by one and loot them to end up finding Shard of Hardstone and Sharpstone materials.

Clear the entire area and then and find the Unknown Hero’s Soul in one of the rooms in this compartment.

In the first room after the archway, head left and obtain the Scimitar behind the walled area. Don’t worry, you will find an opening in the wall and you can then reach the weapon.

It’s time to find the friendly merchant now. Go back from the fog door and along the way you will find a balcony, jump over it, find the alleyway and you will hear someone screaming for help.

Approach the call for help and kill the enemies guarding the merchant.

Approach him and press X to talk to him. He will reward you with a Brass Telescope. Now escort him to safety and then go all the way back to the second fog door.

Look down from the high wall to see the merchant down there. Use the ledges on the sides to reach the lower level and then search for the Thief’s Ring.

Go back to the Fog door you avoided and break the wooden structures to kill the ravens and other enemies down the stairway.

Go down and turn right to go up the stairs again but be careful as two enemies with spears await you.

Make sure you kill the enemies one by one and don’t give them an opportunity to make a proper attack on you.

You use your attacks to cancel their attack animations or stay out of the range of the spears and retaliate after they miss their attacks. After killing them, head straight to unlock the next area.

Cross the high bridge that is swarming with enemies. When they notice you, backtrack and lure them in, kill the enemies you can lure and then wait for the dragon to burn the rest down. Make sure you are out of its range when it does its work.

Run across the bridge as soon as the dragon flies away. Make sure that you are on the other side of the bridge before the beast returns.

Now from the high area after the bridge, descend down the stairs on your right to loot Unknown Soldiers Soul item.

Go back up and then down the stairs on the left to go to the base of the bridge.

Along the stairs, you will find a lever, pull it to open the gate that takes you to the boss. You need to clear enemies as you march on.

Continue straight and down the stairs and finish the enemies off here too.

Go down the corridor and turn left to find Turpentine fluid on a corpse and then go back to a larger room with more enemies.

Kill the fire bombers here; make sure to use the shield. Then continue forward and go up the stairs for the next challenge.

You will find another staircase in the centre of the area that can take you down to the lower level.

Before going down, you will have to deal with the slime like monsters that are vulnerable to attacks from behind.

You will find a lever that opens the gate capable of leading you back to the castle’s entrance in the area below.

Find the corpse and loot for some Half Moon Grass here. Get ready for the demon boss that lies beyond the opened gate.

The Phalanx is one of Demon’s Souls many unique bosses. It’s basically those slime creatures you encountered earlier in a shield like formation.

Phalanx is not really a difficult boss, but check out our guide here if you’re having trouble.

When you are able to take Phalanx down, Loot the area and touch the glowing Archstone at the centre of the arena to obtain Lead Demon’s Soul!

This marks the end of the Boletarian Palace in Demon’s Souls Remake and You will now be directed back to Nexus.