Demon’s Souls Remake Phalanx Boss Guide

Our Demon’s Souls Remake Phalanx Boss guide, will cover Phalanx, including all the stats and suggested strategies to beat him swiftly.

In this Demon’s Souls Remake Phalanx Boss guide, we will cover your encounter with Phalanx, including all the stats and the suggested strategies to beat him swiftly in Demon’s Souls Remake.

Demon’s Souls Remake Phalanx Boss

Bosses in Demon’s Souls appear when a player passes through a fog gate.

These are special enemies with very high health bars, and their encounters have custom soundtracks fitting the boss’s personality.

Phalanx is one such boss that you will encounter in Demon’s Souls.

It is a blob of darkness that relies on Hoplites for both its offensive and defensive capabilities.

This is the main boss encounter in the Boletarian Palace, and defeating the Phalanx Boss will award you with the Lead Demon’s Soul.

Attack and Counters

  • The Phalanx has total health of 1150 and is particularly weak against fire-based attacks.
  • The Phalanx can also regenerate its health if you stop attacking it, but he can only do so until the last hoplite is alive.
  • The hoplites can also regenerate their health if they re-attach themselves to the Phalanx after getting hurt
  • The hoplites spawn after an interval of 2 minutes in small groups until you slay the last one.
  • The Phalanx is just a big blob of darkness and cannot attack you on its own, so it relies on the hoplites to attack you using spears and stabs.
  • The Phalanx moves very slowly and can back you into a corner to then unleash a swarm of hoplites on you.
  • Phalanx has a total of 35 hoplites upon first spawning and can increase this number beyond the initial amount if you drag the fight for too long.
  • The hoplites cover the side of the Phalanx that faces the player, leaving the other side vulnerable to attacks.

Strategies for the Encounter

We will now talk about a few strategies to help you slay Phalanx quickly and with much ease.

Melee Classes
These strategies will be for the melee classes and will focus on either dual-wielding weapons or using fire attacks.

Being on the Offense
Phalanx can be overwhelmed with a class that has a heavy emphasis on melee attacks.

If you use a dual-wielded weapon and go for quick attacks, then you can easily cut down the hoplite’s numbers.

If you opt for this strategy, then don’t stand around and wait for the Phalanx to push you.

Doing that will result in you being overwhelmed by his projectile attacks.

Go in for a few quick attacks and then pounce back once your stamina and health deplete. Heal up and go in again.

That is the most effective way to deal with the Phalanx.

Using Fire
You can use firebombs to eradicate hoplites quickly. There are a total of 11 firebombs in the 1-1, or you can purchase more firebombs when you visit the Dregling Merchant.

Each firebomb costs 500 souls.

Apply Turpentine to all your weapons when the encounter starts.

Dual wield your weapon and flank the Phalanx to hit him on the sides that are not protected with hoplites.

Without Using Fire
If you don’t want to use Turpentine or firebombs, you can just run around the perimeter, and some hoplites will break formation to chase you.

Those are easy pickings. Keeping doing this until the hoplites thin out, and then you can easily inflict damage on the Phalanx.

Magic Classes
You can effectively fight the Phalanx with the Magician and Royalty class as well.

All you need to do is run around the area to force the hoplites into breaking formation, and then you can slay them using Soul Arrows or Flame Tosses.

Magician classes don’t have a mana regeneration ring. So, buying some Fresh Spice from Blacksmith Boldwin beforehand is not a bad idea.

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