Demon’s Souls Remake Best Weapons

Having the perfect weapons in your arsenal is key to surviving in the harsh world of Demon's Souls Remake so we prepared this list for you.

In this Demon’s Souls Remake Best Weapons guide, we will inform you of the different classes of weapons and the Best weapons you can use in Demon’s Souls Remake. The Soulsbourne series is known for the amazing variety of weapons players can wield to try and face the impossible odds the games throw at them. Demon’s Souls Remake is no exception.

Demon’s Souls Remake is (mostly) a melee-oriented game where you can wield many weapons to take out your enemies. Although there are a few ranged options, they are fewer in number compared to their melee counterparts. In this guide, we tell you the best weapons in the game.

20. Lava Bow

The Lave Bow has an intriguing design and fits right for the ranged combats. If you prefer long-range fights and want to have a perfect bow for it then this can be the right pick for you. Speaking of durability, this one offers the highest among all other bows. Apart from this, it doesn’t have high stats requirements, so even low-dexterity players can have it.

You can craft it at Blacksmith Ed and must provide the Hard Demon Soul. To attain the Hard Demon Soul, Head to the Smithing Grounds (levels: 2-1), or take down Armor Spider to get this weapon.

19. Secret Dagger

To have a sword is like fun, but more quickly, you can get yourself a dagger, and in this scenario, Secret Dagger seems an excellent choice. With this dagger, you can inflict both piercing and slashing hurt. This single-edged weapon allows you to make fast-paced attacks against the enemy.

Also, you can upgrade it with Marrowstone Location: Prison of Hope, Go to the Prison’s second floor, and get access to the dagger you will be required to have a 4F Cell key.

18. Estoc

The Estoc comes under the category of Thursting Swords and is the solid one that can carry out great thrusting strikes. With this sword, you can make effective piercing attacks or counterattacks. Besides this, Estoc can also work perfectly against metal armor.

However, with a good amount of practice, you can master this wonderful sword. It is one of the best weapons for a Dexterity-focused build in Demon Souls Remake. You can find it in the Prison of Hope by going to the first floor. There, you will find a dead body of a prisoner from which you can loot this weapon.

17. Crushing Battle Axe

Wondering about early weapons majorly based on strength? Then Crushing Battle Axe is worth trying. This can deal significant damage and can be your strong weapon to fight with. If you want to play with it further in the game and plan for upgradation, then it’s better to stay on strength build as this weapon is strength-based. You must have 11 strength to wield this weapon.

The Boleteria Soldiers drop the regular battle axe, while you can find a better one in the Stonefang Tunnels. Take the first elevator, and then you will come across a guard on the balcony, take him down, and retrieve the weapon.

16. Kilij

This is another great weapon that can be obtained early. Its specialization includes slash-used strikes and offers a decent range of damage. The wielding requirements include dexterity: 10 and strength: 14. A dexterity build is recommended if you want to equip this weapon. This is the best weapon for you if you want to make a highly mobile build in Demon Souls Remake.

It also offers bleed damage, making it a great weapon for dealing with fleshy adversaries. You can find this weapon on Island’s Edge from in front of the Vanguard. The Gold Skeletons also drop this weapon.

15. Dragon Long Sword

It is also an early-game weapon, and by upgrading, you can continue to play with it further in the game. It can be upgraded with the Dragstone. It is a great sword to pick for early-game combat and offers fire damage that can benefit you during the fights. The wielding requirement : Strength: 10. Location: In the Tunnel City at the Chasm’s bottom.

14. Great Club

Another best go-to weapon for the early stages of the game is the Great Club. With this heavy attack weapon, you can make it difficult for the heavily armored adversaries to stand in front of you. The Great Club is made out of wood, which results in the light weight of this weapon, and you can carry it easily, but don’t make the mistake of judging it by its weight as it is powerful enough to knock back the enemies. You can upgrade it to the Meat Cleaver.

13. Reaper Scythe

The Reaper Scythe is the best weapon in Demon Souls Remake for dealing with the bosses at the beginning of the game. If you just stepped into the game and want a strong weapon to take down the starting potent enemies, then it will be a good choice.

While dealing with multiple enemies, you can carry out a single blow of attack and wipe them out. Reaper Scythe can be obtained by having the game on pre-order.

12. Morion Blade

This lethal weapon has a beastly essence forged from the marrow of Storm King’s beast. It is known for dealing huge amounts, and when your health remains less than 30%, Morion Blade benefits you by enhancing the damage by 60%.

So, despite your low health, you can deal great damage. For a further damage boost, you can use the Clever Rat’s Ring. You can create it at the Blacksmith, and you will be required to provide Storm Demon Soul and a standard sword with level 8 upgradation.

11. Northern Regalia

Last but not least, another highly damaging sword is the Northern Regalia. It is more like a two-in-one sword and can attain the pure white and black character tendency, which the character’s choices will determine. By reaching the maximum tendency, this sword can have a 540 attack rating.

It goes well with the vitality builds, but Northern Regalia is an outstanding weapon overall. It can be created at Blacksmith Ed and requires False King Demon Soul, Soulbrandt, and Demonrandt.

10. Uchigatana Katana

Out of all Katanas in Demon’s Souls remake Uchigatana Katana is so far considered as the best one. It does offer less hurt but the biggest plus point is that it doesn’t lead to any damage to the player. You can find this weapon at the game’s early stages, so it appears perfect to use at the beginning. It performs well during the mid-range fights.

Besides the thrust attack, you can also inflict the stash through Uchigatana Katana. You can obtain it from the Island’s Edge, Behind the Vanguard, or the Black Skeleton, who drops this Katana.

9. Scraping Spear

Scraping Spear stands on the top if you are looking for the best spear that can go well in mid-range combat. While considering this spear as the best you need to focus more on its ability to amazingly turn down adversaries by equipping metal armor and hard scales rather than on its stats. You can also balance your offense and defense by equipping the shield with the spear.

The spear, with sharp and spiky projections at its tip, is known for damaging the enemy’s armor durability. It is made at the Blacksmith Ed using a Lead Demon Soul.

8. Compound Longbow

The Compound Longbow is one of the best ranged weapons in Demon’s Souls Remake, allowing you to take down enemies from a distance. Keep the arrows to utilize the bow and make the shots at enemies far from you. For an upgrade, you can go for sticky in Island’s Edge on the farther side of the first fog gate.

After defeating the Vanguard, take a left and head to the tower’s top. Through stairs, an enemy will be: Silver Skeleton archer. Beat it and acquire the Compound Longbow.

7. Claymore

Here you go with an outstanding Large Sword: Claymore that requires both your hands to carry it and inflict significant damage. This weapon is versatile and can be attained early so you won’t have to wait much to lay your hands on this weapon. If you get surrounded by multiple enemies, then Claymore’s sweeping attacks can be of great help in this situation.

Furthermore, with its smashing overhead strike, you can bring down the enemy’s stamina and break its guard conveniently. You can purchase this weapon for 6000 souls from Dregling Merchant and the dropping of Blue Eye Knight.

6. Crescent Falchion

This curved sword offers pretty good magic damage, and if you are thinking about having the mage build, you must consider this weapon.

It balances well with the magic stats and equipping it allows you the passive regeneration of mana. You can obtain it early in the game, and the location includes Island’s Edge area 4-1, where you will have to knock out 1-1 Phalanx, and then you will be able to get this sword.

5. Ritual Blade

When breaking down the guards, Ritual Blade appears to be the best choice. It offers amazing reach and can break guards easily. With its 10 rating for weight, Ritual Blade becomes easy to use and is quite a potent weapon in early game stages.

If, at the beginning, you focus more on the endurance and strength stats, then it will be best to go for this weapon, as Ritual Blade requires high strength for its proper wielding. It is available only to those with Digital Deluxe Edition who can retrieve it from Stockpile Thomas (Nexus).

4. Dragon Bone Smasher

The Dragon Bone Smasher is a very large sword and is capable of inflicting tons of damage, but in the case of this sword, your mobility gets sacrificed. Well, this downside still doesn’t stop it from becoming the best weapon and is considered suitable for mid to late stages in the game, more specifically for strength builds.

As the name says, this Bone smasher is made to deal with dragons in case you encounter any in battle, so you can always rely on it in such conditions. After making an entrance in the Dragon God boss arena, you can attain this weapon, but you need the Pure White World Tendency to get it.

3. Penetrating Sword

In the straight sword weapons, Penetrating Sword makes on the top of the list. It lays out significantly damaging piercing attacks and offers highly inflicting thrusting strikes. The Penetrating Sword offers a wide range of attacks or moves, so it’s better to learn them properly so you can perform a great mixture of attacks during the combat.

2. Meat Cleaver

This is one of the best weapons in the large hammer category. Being a large hammer, Meat Cleaver offers fine range and can perform heavy attacks. What makes it more demanding is that every successful hit restores 1% of your health. Moreover, this weapon can also deal slashing damage. It requires Swollen Demon Soul and can be made at Blacksmith Ed.

1. Winged Spear

The Winged Spear is an excellent weapon that performs best in mid-range fights in Demon Souls Remake. Although it can perform great against the armor and hard scales of adversaries, they can be parried easily, so you need to have the right combination before equipping the spear.

You can have a shield and a Winged Spear to fight off the enemies effectively. Location: The Lord’s Path, their Red dragon will drop the bombs. To attain it you will have to loot quickly.

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