Delayed Street Fighter V Update Finally Has Confirmed Release Date

The second beta of the overhauled Capcom Fighters Network (CFN) concluded last week, meaning that the much-awaited Street Fighter V Update is finally here.

Posting on its official Facebook page, the developer announced that the next round of changes will arrive at the end of the month on May 30. More details have been promised to be revealed tomorrow but for the time being know that the upcoming Street Fighter V Update will bundle balance updates, the new and improved online network, and the latest downloadable character Ed.

Last month, Capcom announced that it would be delaying the release of both the next character as well as the long-awaited balance patch. The decision was based on the fact that the developer needs to do additional testing in order to further optimize its online services. Apparently, Capcom is more than satisfied with the feedback obtained from last week’s testing.

The CFN has undergone major changes; featuring improvements for the Rage Quit Penalty System, Ranked and Casual Match Loading Times, Battle Lounge Country Flags, Matchmaking Improvements, Fighter Profile Stats, Country / League Based Rankings, Friend Management System, Interactive Timeline, and In-Game Announcer Voice. There is likely more in store, which will be revealed this week.

Those who participated in the beta last week were able to try out Ed. His fighting style is a mixture of traditional boxing, with a few kicks and projectiles that are based on his inert psycho powers. Ed is a unique addition to the roster because his special move inputs are designed for simplicity and accessibility.

The balance updates will adjust a few characters to ensure a more level playing field. The upcoming Street Fighter V Update will introduce “invincible Shoryuken attacks.” The changes will likely bring back Ryu, who was gutted in the first patch leading into the second season.

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