Deep Silver Confirms Dead Island 2 Is Still In The Works, Will Show At The Right Time

Earlier this year Deep Silver removed the Steam Store page of Dead Island 2 in the follow up to Yager Development distancing itself from the development of the game. After this the game was speculated to be cancelled, however, it seems that Dead Island 2 is not cancelled.

In a response to a fan’s question on Twitter Deep Silver confirmed that Dead Island 2 is not cancelled. In May the Steam store page was removed but the project is alive and kicking, but it is not the right time to show it to public.

In the first Tweet a fan expressed his excitement by saying that he/she will “shit my paints” if Dead Island 2 has improved graphics compared to the initial reveal. To this Deep Solver responded that they will show the game, when they are ready to show.

In the second Tweet a fans asked when the development on Dead Island 2 will be completed or they just have cancelled the game. Deep Silver responded that they are still working on it and will have more information to share at a later stage.

Dead Island 2 was first revealed during E3 2014, and a that time developer YAGER was attached to develop the game.

However, the development was not a smooth ride, and some time after YAGER let the project go due to some creative differences.


However, the development on the game was not halted, as Sumo Digital took started the development from where YAGER had left. The game was delayed to 2016, but in May 2016 Steam Store page for the game was removed. So it was being presumed since than that the game has been cancelled.

Lets just hope that Deep Silver will finally make up its mind regarding Dead Island 2 and release it for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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