How to Get the Strelak Verso Dual Pistols in Deathloop

In this guide, we'll be showing you How to Get the Strelak Verso Dual Pistols in Deathloop found in the Ordnance Depot to complete the Arsenal Lead.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to get the Strelak Verso Dual Pistols in Deathloop. The Strelak Verso is a unique gun that can come quite in handy thanks to its ability to transform into dual pistols or even a submachine gun!

How to Get the Strelak Verso Dual Pistols in Deathloop

Visit the Complex at noon to have a chance to unlock this arsenal lead (side quest). You’ll receive a lead that will guide you to “Investigate the Ordnance Depot.

Follow the objective marker into the bunker and the pathway underground. You will soon come across a locked door. Inside, lies our ultimate goal; the beautiful Strelak Verso Dual Pistols.

To the left of the door will be some sort of battery ports. There are a total of 4 ports and only one battery in place, so to open the doors you will have to search for the three batteries.

Battery #1 Location

To get the first battery, turn back from the door the way you came, and it will be right in front of the entrance to this room.

Battery #2 and #3 Locations

Now to find the two reaming batteries. Head back out of the bunker the same way you came in. But this time turn when you exit the door marked X. Head straight into the opening on the opposite side of the area.

Enter through the doors with the multiple green lasers in front of it. Go straight through the next door and up the stairs on your left side to find the other two batteries. It will take two trips for you to carry them both to the door.

Once all batteries are plugged in, the door will open and you can go claim your prize.

The Strelak Verso Dual Pistols

The pistols that you’ve so rightly claimed, have some amazing flexibility. And using it, you can either choose to transform it into a dual pistol or an SMG. Perfectly equipped for multiple situations.

If you feel like really pushing the limits of this weapon, you can go ahead and add mods to it for an increased rate of fire and more accuracy.

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