How to Die in Every Possible Way in Deathloop

In this guide, we'll list down every possible unique way you can die in deathloop so that ou can earn the spice of life achievement

In Deathloop the option to kill Colt by environmental means is possible. Fall off from great heights or drown in the ocean? There are various methods available if you are curious. So, in this guide, we solve this mystery by highlighting some of the ways to die in Deathloop!

How to Die in Every Possible Way in Deathloop

Death (and coming back from it) is the central mechanic of Deathloop. Cole is trapped in a Groundhog Day-esque loop where has to kill a bunch of targets. However, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. To reset the day, all Cole needs to do is die.

Below, we’ve listed how to Die in every possible way in Deathloop if you ever need to reset the loop for Cole. Plus, if you, try them all, you can even earn “The Spice of Life” Achievement/Trophy!


Pretty easy. In the morning at Karl’s Bay, you can jump off the edge of the map into the ocean.

To be precise, hop skip your way to ‘Haul A Quin’. In front of the large factory, there will be an edge from where you can jump off from.

Fall Damage

Climb the building ‘Charlie Montagues: Haul A Quin’ in Karl’s Bay. Jump off it until your health reaches zero. Or you could accomplish this by climbing on top of any high building.

Choke on Poisonous Gas

Conveniently, the location for the Poison Gas is in Karl’s Bay. In Hangar 2, near Harriet’s location is where you will find this gas. Just jump down to the lower floor filled with the green gas and stay there till you die.

Succumb to Fatal Depressurization

In the complex, around the afternoon, you need to let yourself be caught by the security cameras in Wenjie’s Lab. This will cause the lab to automatically trigger Depressurization thus killing you on the spot.

Get Blown Up

Whenever you fancy the chance, take out your grenade and throw it at your feet. You need to succumb to the explosion! Die a dramatic death.

Get Shot

Pretty simple, whenever you get the chance, walk up to your enemy. Don’t fire back at them and just let them kill you for this method. It’s a hard pill to swallow but buck up, you can kill them later.

Get Stabbed

In Updaam, around evening, you will encounter melee-type enemies. Allow them to stab you with their machetes or blades. Just like the slasher movies, old school style!

Meat Grinder

A little bit dramatic but I’m sure you can appreciate the creativity. At Alexi’s Party in Updaam, there will be a meat grinder available.

It’s a square-shaped hole on the red stage. The button is up the stairs from the grinder itself. Go up, push the button and jump in.

Fried by a Rocket

Around Noon in Updaam, travel to Charlie’s Place. Overhear the two enemies at this location. They will reveal a new command from 2-Bit. Talk to 2-Bit, the robot, who will ask you to restore power to launch the rocket.

Find the batteries in the lab area. The first battery is near 2-bit, just turn to the right to see a door.

Hack the camera above it to enter the locked area. Go straight forward and enter another door. Turn to a corner to find the first battery behind large machines.

After installing the battery, the second one is near this area. Go back and head towards the stairwell. Go down and find the second battery lying in a corner near stray wires.

Install this and head back down the stairs and move forward. Hidden between the rocky wall and jutting out metal pieces is another battery.

Carry this battery and install it in the control panel. Talk to 2-bit once this is complete in order to launch the rocket. Hurry to the area and stand near the thrusters so you can get burned to a crisp.

Eradicated by a Reactor

Ever been curious about facing a nuclear meltdown head-on? Here’s your chance. At Fristad Rock around noon, you need to head towards Fia’s Studio. On the way, you will come across Fractured Image where the reactor is located.

Within the epicenter of this area, the reactor will be found on the lowest level. Use your antenna to hack the reactor.

Once the wires are exposed, cut the wrong color to usher in a self-destruction protocol. Wait till the numbers read 100% and then boom! You are officially dead.

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