How To Kill Charlie And Fia Together In Deathloop

In this guide, we'll be showing you How to Kill Charlie and Fia with a Single Bullet in Deathloop and earn the Violent Delights achievement

One of your targets in Deathloop is the couple, Charlie and Fia. For there to be a true romantic tragedy, why not kill them both together? In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to Kill Charlie and Fia with a Single Bullet in Deathloop.

How to kill Charlie and Fia with one bullet in Deathloop?

Killing Charlie and Fia together earns you the Violent Delights achievement, so if you are a completionist, you will want to try this.

To access the bunker where both are meeting, you must have completed the Main Questline Mission: Afternoon Delights.

First, you need to open your loadout and equip the ‘Nexus’ Slab ability. Harriet Morse drops it during the Visionary Arsenal Lead, Chaos Theory. This ability creates a connection between enemies and makes them share damage.

Go to Map: Fristad Rock in the afternoon, and go to the bunker. Finding it will be easier if you have tagged your targets from the objective’s menu.

Enter the 4-pictogram puzzle solution you got in the Questline Mission: Afternoon Delights. If you don’t remember it by heart, just go to your knowledge menu to look it up.

Now, there are two methods you can opt to kill the couple.

Nexus method

Finally, jump down to the pumping station and enter the area where they are meeting. Use the Nexus ability to link both Charlie and Fia. You will see the obvious visual effect that shows they’re linked. And finally, headshot one of them to kill them both together.


We recommend going up the stairs just so you’re on the same level with them. It will help take a better and more precise shot.

Legendary Guns method

There is another method (a relatively hard one) to take Charlie and Fia down with one shot. You can use a high-power gun with a perforator trinket, meaning its bullets can tear through enemies. Now, when they line up, take a careful headshot to do the task.


You can either use the Heritage shotgun with slug mode or the Sepulchra Breiteira sniper rifle for carrying out the second method.

You will have also earned the achievement Violent Delights.

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