Death Stranding Trailer Confirmed Stefanie Joosten, And No One Picked Up On It

Death Stranding trailer secretly confirmed Stefanie Joosten. However, Death Stranding creator and Joosten are staying silent for now.

Stefanie Joosten, the Dutch model who played Quite in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, was secretly confirmed in the new Death Stranding trailer. But interestingly, no one picked up on it other than a few.

In the footage, we saw Norman Reedus carrying a woman on his back and while most ignored her, if you stop the video at just the right time (0:13), you can see her face.

The woman is wrapped in a mix between a backpack and a body bag, and if you look closely there is a Dutch flag just under her chin, on the bag. If you don’t know, Joosten is a Dutch model and the engine this game is using is also created by a Dutch studio, Guerilla Games.

Joosten denied her involvement in Death Stranding for the longest time but now, it would be interestingly to see how she reject this one. While part of the social media has picked up on this, both Stefanie Joosten and Kojima Productions have remained silent.

The trailer highlights Troy Baker, the man in the Golden Mask. Troy’s reveal was the main focus of the footage while Joosten was smartly hidden in plain sight for fans to find.

Apart from Joosten and Baker, there isn’t much to talk about. But we did see a Bloodborne-esque monster which indicates how some elements of the game could be inspired by From Software, especially, in the combat department.

Death Stranding will now appear at the Video Game Awards 2018 where we are now expecting Joosten to be fully revealed as part of the game. Hopefully, a release date will also be announced during that time.

If we are to speculate, the game will probably release by the end of next year on PS4 and PS4 Pro. And it will be most certainly be a cross-gen title so a PS5 version isn’t out of the question.

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