Death Stranding Street Date Broken In Some Stores, Beware Spoilers

The Death Stranding street date has been broken by some stores, so you might want to be wary on social media to try and avoid spoilers.

With a game as hotly-anticipated as Death Stranding now only two days from release, some stores have apparently decided to start selling early and have broken the Death Stranding street date, meaning that it’s likely that spoilers will soon be online. All we have to do, thankfully, is just wait for two days.

Death Stranding has already had its street date broken once before in Japan, and has already had spoilers posted online before now, but nothing has come of them, especially since any attempts to post spoilers on social media were swiftly copyright-claimed and removed.

While it’s likely that new spoilers will likely still be copyright-claimed like they were before, there’s no telling where they’ll pop up, so until the Death Stranding street date actually happens, you should be cautious if you want to play the game.

Death Stranding has also, however, proven to be fairly divisive among reviewers, getting an even mix of mixed and positive reviews. While there’s been no indication of a hype backlash yet, considering it’s a Hideo Kojima game it will likely still sell like hotcakes.

Death Stranding is Hideo Kojima’s first game since he was fired by Konami back in 2015, and was first revealed at the E3 Playstation conference in 2016. The game has become notable for its cryptic trailers that always leave more questions than answers, but it seems like we’ll finally get all the answers we want when the game comes out.

With the Death Stranding street date broken, and with only two days to go until the street date actually arrives, if you want to play the game spoiler-free, you’ll want to avoid social media like Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, or at least be very careful while using them.

In the meantime, you’ll be able to play Death Stranding on November 8 exclusively for the Playstation 4, with a PC version coming in the summer of 2020.

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