Death Stranding Plot Will Be Clearer If you Put Trailers in Correct Chronological Order, Says Kojima

In the world of video games, usually, things don't make sense at first sight. That's what is happening with the...

In the world of video games, usually, things don’t make sense at first sight. That’s what is happening with the Death Stranding plot and even though it has sent fans into a frenzy of questions, it doesn’t seize to intrigue. Hideo Kojima has now hinted that putting the trailers into chronological order could make its story clearer. But what is the chronological order really? Can we really get some sense out of it?

The mastermind behind Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima has recently visited Moscow and had the chance to speak with Tass. Tass has also interviewed Mads Mikkelsen last week and the answers were pretty insightful.

Hideo Kojima has some interesting details to share about gameplay and its finishing touches. However, what’s really important is his hints about the Death Stranding plot. When asked about what percentage of the game should we complete in order to get a hold of its story, he answered that even by putting the trailers in chronological order, you can get a pretty clear picture of it. He specifically stated:

If I say how much of the game you need to complete, it will be no longer interesting. The game will become more and more engaging, and gradually the whole story will be revealed. You have to play it – it should be part of the process, part of enjoying the game. If I had to say – probably after completing a third of the game, you will more or less understand what is happening. And of course, the trailers that we have released are scenes from the game. Perhaps, if you put them in the correct chronological order, the storyline will become clear.

So what is that chronological order really? If we could bet on it, we’d say that the timeline is nowhere near the release date of each trailer. The first trailer could be the first one of the game as well since it talks about the “bang” and the change that came to the world. The character trailers like Heartman and Mama should come later on, giving some insight into the cast. The trailers about Mads’ character, Cliff may be the first ones in chronological order since he looks like he could be the reason for the beginning of all chaos.

That leaves the Briefing trailer, Lea Seydoux character introduction, the second trailer with Sam and his “co-workers” and the gameplay trailers. As we see it, they can be anywhere, since there’s some insight into each of them. However, we don’t know what triggers the Stranding, so we can’t really know how everything holds up. Anyone can make his own assumptions and put the trailers in a different order so it seems like a wild goose chase.

Death Stranding releases on November 4th, exclusively for Playstation 4. Launch on other platforms is hinted but nothing is put in stone yet. Just a little more patience and everything will be clear.

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