Death Stranding To Be Shown At PlayStation Experience?

Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding is one of the most anticipated games right now and, according to insider shinobi602, we could see something concrete from this title at PlayStation Experience.

He recently started a topic on NeoGAF, claiming that Death Stranding could be probably shown at PlayStation Experience. But there’s more.

Shinobi602 also said that, contrary to online rumors, this game won’t be using inFamous: Second Son game engine, as its real engine will be available at PSX, with some kind of gameplay.

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However, one of the element that helped Death Stranding to take crowd’s attention was the presence of the famous actor Norman Reedus, best known for his role in the tv show The Walking Dead.

Reedus will have a major part in the game, even if we don’t know what part it will be.

Anyhow, Reedus revealed his role during a recent interview with MTV at Comic-Con, as it seems players will be him in the game.

Hideo Kojima, he’s such a genius. I’m following his advice, doing whatever he says. He says, ‘we will make people cry,’ and I say, ‘for a video game?’ And he says, ‘yup.’ And I’m just, ‘alright.’ And I ask him, ‘playing me?’ And he says, ‘no, they’ll be you.’ And I’m just, ‘ok’.

This is surely an interesting information, and it will be good to see what the protagonist will be able to do in the game.

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Death Stranding is in development right now and it will be available for Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PC.