Rumor: Death Stranding Game Engine Is Same As The InFamous: Second Son’s

As we know that Hideo Kojima has parted ways with Konami, and is currently developing the upcoming PC and PlayStation 4 exclusive game Death Stranding. Earlier this year, Kojima revealed that he is looking for a new game engine for Death Stranding, and for that purpose he is meeting with developers such as Crytek and Epic Games. Now, a rumor has emerged that suggests Kojima has already selected the Death Stranding game engine.

While one of the most time and money consuming projects, MGS V was on the Fox Engine, which was design to be scaleable and used for future Metal Gear games, now it seems unlikely that Kojima would use Fox Engine for Death Stranding.

Now a days Unreal Engine 4 is quite popular among Japanese developers, and it makes sense given that its powerful, easy and flexible. So many were assuming that Kojima might also use Unreal Engine 4 to develop Death Stranding.

However, a report from a popular Youtube channel, YongYea, suggests Hideo Kojima will be using Sucker Punch’s game engine used for their 2014 PlayStation 4 exclusive game, inFamous: Second Son, to develop Death Stranding. It kind of makes sense, as this game engine itself is a technical marvel, as it is capable of rendering a vibrant and dense open world for an action game.

It is also important to mention that this is just a rumor, so to take it as a pinch of salt.

Recently, Kojima also revealed that Death Stranding might feature a female hero, who will join Norman Reedus on his journey.

He also announced that Death Stranding will be out before 2020. He mentioned that it will be out before the year Akira is set in. Akira is a film that is set in 2019 so by that reasoning, Death Stranding should be released in 2018.

While nothing is known about the game, but earlier this year Kojima revealed that, Death Stranding will appeal to the fans of The Division and Uncharted.

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