This Is How Death Stranding Multiplayer Works

Sony and Kojima Productions have been vaguely mentioning a multiplayer component in Death Stranding. Those cryptic teasers have finally begun making sense.

Sony and Kojima Productions have been vaguely mentioning a multiplayer component in Death Stranding for months now. Those cryptic teasers have finally begun making sense.

The new science-fiction offering from Hideo Kojima doesn’t feature any classic online mode, which was already relayed to the public earlier this year. Hence, you won’t be pitted against other human players in a deathmatch situation and neither will there be any traditional co-op experience. The multiplayer in Death Stranding is basically a way for players worldwide to assist each other and to also acknowledge the best help given in every situation.

Recall how players could share information online in Dark Souls by writing messages on the ground. The multiplayer in Death Stranding works similarly, except that players share information through more robust actions. It’s not about scrawling a few words. They can actually choose from a lot of activities to make it easier for their fellow couriers.

During an extended gameplay demonstration at Tokyo Game Show 2019 earlier today, there was a particular moment where Sam “Porter” Bridges delivered a lost package to someone called the Musician. When he walked out, you could see several ladders that had been placed (and used) by other players in their own play-throughs. Sam not only chose a ladder that was placed by another player but also acknowledged the help by giving them a Like, just like on social media. You even saw footsteps or routes that the players who came before you took.

This kind of multiplayer opens up various doorways in Death Stranding. You can set up and share the same safe house, place supply crates, even deliver packages lost by other players. You’ll be able to see in real-time which player’s safe house has been used and appreciated the most. It’s going to be another Facebook-akin war where players try to earn the most likes in the game.

The idea makes sense when looking at how Kojima has been marketing Death Stranding since last year. He has mentioned that the gameplay is designed to connect everyone. He has also noted that the storyline is all about connection and isolation. The synopsis alone mentions building bridges between societies. What better way to do this than have players worldwide come to the aid of each other?

Death Stranding is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4 on November 8, 2019. Be sure to check out today’s Tokyo Game Show 2019 stream. There was more shown than just the multiplayer.

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