Death Stranding’s Difficulty Setting Includes “Very Easy”

Death Stranding may not be a simple story to tell, courtesy of Kojima’s love for the odd and bizarre. However, the famed developer has surprisingly decided to make the game easy to play by allowing you to tone the difficulty setting.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Kojima noted that Death Stranding has a lot of “non-game-experienced” fans, which is in contrast to his usual projects. This is mostly due to the inclusion of so many Hollywood actors and personalities, who in turn are going to draw people new to gaming to give the game a go. It’s why Death Stranding will have a “very easy” option in the difficulty setting.

In a bid to further prove his point, Kojima also pointed out that his own assistant took over a month to end the game on the same, lowest difficulty setting. Obviously, the same is not expected to be the case for the average gamer. You’re expected to play on either normal or hard, which the developer says is well-suited for action enthusiasts.

Kojima’s reasoning to make Death Stranding more accessible is actually correct. In fact, every developer should be appreciated for prioritizing accessibility by making games easier for the casual crowd. Doing so just enriches the medium, allowing people to enjoy the experience without feeling incompetent.

Speaking about experience, Death Stranding is a story that’s all about connection and isolation at the same time. Kojima has often mentioned how the narrative bridges life and death based on some of his favorite Japanese short stories. There will be two worlds to journey through — the present world of the living and another akin to the upside-down world from Stranger Things. With such complicated story material, you can understand why the Death Stranding difficulty setting was necessary.

Death Stranding is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4 on November 8, 2019. There have been some rumors about a PC version as well, which would arrive afterwards should it actually exist.

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