Death Stranding Delivery Menu Screencap Raises Many Questions

The Death Stranding Delivery Menu was revealed, among other things during the Gamescom Opening Night slot, and it has raised more questions than it answered, it actually answered none. However, we can speculate on lots of things.

The first is that the 1000/1000 ml shown next to the heart icon at the bottom of the screen most probably means that your character’s “Life” will be measured in the amount of blood remaining in your body(the mls). The next icon seems to show an infant, ostensibly shows the status of your “Bridge Babies”. This could either mean your “BB”‘s health or maybe it signifies the abilities status of the BB. The adult icon is divided into 4 parts. Since the health is already given above, this could signify some special ability or perhaps the time you can last in the other world? We are not sure.

The fourth icon shows shoes, this could either mean that a stamina mechanism is in play or perhaps you have to visit settlements after a fixed duration(i.e. before the “shoe” meter runs out) or or your health will start taking damage. There’s also quite a simple explanation for this, it could mean that Sam has to change shoes regularly?

Next to that, it shows the scales icon, which evidently means the weight limit, which is 120. kg for the person in the screenshot.

There’s a thumbs up icon, redditors have speculated that likes are the currency in the game, which you would get from helping people/ connecting settlements.

The last icon seems to be an open hand. We are not sure what it means and we might just have to wait till November for a further explanation.

The screencap has made us think that we can take on deliveries from fellow players. There’s an option that says Entrust Cargo for Delivery, hence you will probably be able to interact with other players at these delivery hubs and ask them to make deliveries on your behalf/ take on orders. There’s also an option for “Recycle”, “Claim Materials”  and “Fabricate equipment” which seems to mean what it says.

Sub options for “Make Delivery” include “Deliver Lost Cargo”, “Deliver Requested Supplies” and “Deliver Requested Cargo”, these could all be options directed towards other players.

That’s all we know right now, we’ll keep you updated!