Death Can Return In Darksiders Genesis If Fans Want

Darksiders Genesis will release with Strife and War, but based on post-release fan-feedback, Death and possibly Fury can return to join their brothers.

When Darksiders Genesis releases, all four horsemen of the apocalypse will have made appearances in the franchise. War and Death were respectively featured in the first two installments, Fury in the third, and Strife (along with War) in the upcoming spin-off prequel.

Something that fans have often wondered over the years is why all four horsemen have never been given the opportunity to stand together on-screen. There was speculation that the franchise would eventually receive an installment for this purpose. Darksiders Genesis, while not a mainline entry, is possibly where that request gets finally fulfilled.

When asked in a recent interview with SegmentNext if Death would ever return as a playable character, Reinhard Pollice, business and product development director of THQ Nordic, stated that he can but only if fans want.

Darksiders Genesis introduces Strife, the fourth horseman of the apocalypse, for the first time. He, however, will be teaming up with his brother War as the only two playable characters in the top-down hack-and-slash take. Airship Syndicate has until now never mentioned anything about featuring either Death or Fury in Darksiders Genesis. According to Pollice, though, the developer will wait until release to see if fans want more. If the feedback is overwhelming enough, which it undoubtedly will be, Death and Fury will join Strife and War in the future.

Let’s see. We have a couple of cool ideas. We’d also like to hear fans’ thoughts after Genesis is released, since by then all four horsemen would have been playable characters in one game at least.

On some level, seeing Death and Fury in Darksiders Genesis won’t be surprising. They were always destined to come through as expansion packs even if Airship Syndicate has refrained from talking about post-release content support.

Having all four horsemen in four-player cooperative action would be a dream come true for the franchise. On similar note, another dream coming true is that Darksiders Genesis will not feature any microtransactions. THQ Nordic has taken a firm stance in this regard, reminding that the company has never done loot boxes or gambling mechanics in the past and has no plans to do so now.

Darksiders Genesis changes gameplay perspective to integrate looting mechanics similar to Diablo. Hence, being fairly different to its predecessors. However, the pre-release reception has so far been largely positive, particularly for dungeon-crawling fans.

Darksiders Genesis is currently slated to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC at the end of 2019. The spin-off will also release for Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. Without any concrete release dates available, it’s safe to assume that the portable releases are going to follow after the main platforms have received theirs. You can keep tabs on the game until then from its official website.

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