Dead Space IP Might Never Escape EA’s Grasp, Says Former Art Director

Dead Space IP has been dormant following the launch of Dead Space 3 and EA seems to have no interest in rebooting the franchise or making a new entry, not only that according to the series’ art director, Dead Space IP might not ever escape from EA’s grasp.

Former Dead Space Art Director, Ian Milham, appeared on a Reddit thread complimenting the Dead Space fan-art and one fan took to opportunity to ask if he can buy the IP to either reboot the Dead Space franchise or develop a new entry in the franchise.

However, he was quick to note that Dead Space IP might not ever escape EA’s grasp. According to Milham, EA has invested a lot of money in the Dead Space IP and the company will never let it go, certainly not for cheap.

IP is where all the money is, and EA spent hundreds of millions on [Dead Space] over the years, so no, they wouldn’t let it go for cheap.

Another fan offered a solution to the problem which is to license the IP from EA to develop a Dead Space title. However, Milham noted that he hasn’t seen any publisher doing that but if it is going to happen then only another publisher can license the Dead Space IP.

Dead Space was developed by Visceral Games, however, following the release of Dead Space 3 the studio went on to work on Battlefield Hardline which itself was met with lukewarm reception. Following that the studio went on to work on a new Star Wars game with the former Uncharted director, Amy Henig, directing the Star Wars title.

Sadly, the Visceral Games was closed down by EA last year and the development of the Star Wars title was handed over to EA Motive Studio. With the original studio closed down, it is highly unlikely that we will see a Dead Space title with its vision fully realized.

Do you think EA should give up the Ip to another publisher or Studio or develop a new game in the franchise? Let us know in the comments.


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