Dead Space 4 Would Have Been Cool From What Visceral Says

Dead Space is an amazing franchise and the last game, Dead Space 3 came out in 2013. Since then we have heard nothing to indicate that there is a Dead Space 4 game coming out. It turns out that Visceral has some ideas regarding Dead Space 4. Ben Wanat, creative director of Dead Space talked about the ideas that the team had for the game and the following is what he had to say in this regard:

The notion was you were trying to survive day to day against infested ships, searching for a glimmer of life, scavenging supplies to keep your own little ship going, trying to find survivors. We would have finessed a lot of existing mechanics,” Wanat said. “The flotilla section in Dead Space 3 hinted at what non-linear gameplay could be, and I would have loved to go a lot deeper into that.

While Visceral is dead and DS3 was a huge flop, it seems that the team had some solid ideas for the next game in the franchise. Wanat further went on to mention the concepts of the game that the team had in mind.

I figured you’d start in a section of space, maybe following a trail of ship carcasses to an orbital station you think might have the parts and fuel needed to get your ship Shock-capable. You’d start to form a picture of what happened in that region while fighting through scores of Necromorphs from ship to ship. And you’d learn a new, critical bit of plot info along with the means to Shock to a couple of nearby sectors.

It is too bad that Visceral is no longer in business and that we won’t be able to see the games that we were anticipating. For more news regarding the matter stay tuned to SegmentNext. It is possible that EA is reshaping the Star Wars game that Visceral was working on. The game was thought to be linear and EA thought that people would not like it.

Let us know what you think about Dead Space 4 and the vision that Visceral had for the game.

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