Dead Rising 3 – How to Level Up Fast

For Achievement Hunters, it may all be about getting a whooping 50 Gamerscore for earning MAXED! Achievement in Dead Rising 3 but believe me when I say this, leveling up to MAX has its perks.

In Dead Rising 3, leveling up is done by usual chores like slaying hordes of zombies, completing objectives, taking out the seven psychopaths, and rescuing survivors. Leveling up is very important in terms of getting new weapons, health, and other upgrades for your character.

Dead Rising 3 Level Up Fast Tips

Each time you level up your character, you will be awarded Attribute Points (AP) which are used to buy upgrades and other things. And in this guide, I will be talking about some easy things which you can do while playing the game to level up faster.

The best way to rack up Prestige Points (PP) is by rescuing survivors. You will come across many survivors scattered throughout the city in need to help. Clear the area of any zombie activity and gain as low as 4,000 PP for saving them.

Each time you level up your character, you will be rewarded with Attribute Points which can be used to buy upgrades for your character. That being said, your first upgrade should be on ‘Smarts’ as it allows your character to gain more PP.

Collectibles are always a part of every game but in Dead Rising 3, you will be inclined towards finding them as they provide your character with 2,000 PP. There are about forty collectibles in Dead Rising 3 and finding them all will give your tons of PP.


Along with collectibles, you will also find scattered Blue Prints for Combo Weapons, Combo Vehicles, and Super Combo Weapons. These Blue Prints do not grant you with any PP but crafting the weapon surely does.

The game features seven psychopaths which can be regarded as side-quests. These seven psychopaths can be defeated not only to get their specialized weapons and other items but also to get a massive amount of PP.

Make sure to check out Psychopaths guide for more information!

The game features a long list of challenges that can be completed to earn additional PP. These challenges are really very simple to complete like, ‘Escape out of 50 zombie grabs’ and reward you with as low as 10,000 PP per challenge.

These challenges can be accessed via the game’s Player Menu. Make sure to check them out!

Make sure to check out xEnragedCinema’s YouTube video demonstration which helps a lot and finally, do not forget to share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments below!

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