Dead or Alive 6 Coins Farming Guide – How to Earn Coins Fast

DOA6’s in-game currency allows players to purchase a variety of items such as costumes and glasses. To get all these items and cosmetics, you will need to have a good amount of Coins.

There many ways you can make money in the game that is why we have prepared this Dead or Alive 6 Guide that will teach you of the quickest way to get Coins.

Dead or Alive 6 Coins Farming

The best way is to clear the DOA Quest and all of its Stars. Stars are Achievements/Challenges to complete in Dead or Alive 6; such as doing 35 damage with a combo.

You get Coins for every Star you get and you almost always get a star by completing a quest. Chaining these quests is the fastest way to get the coin in the game.

Other Money Farming Methods

While chaining the quests is the fastest way to get Coins, you can also earn it by completing each character’s combo.

You will earn, over the course of a full Combo Challenge around 1,000 P, 250 P, 2,500 P, and 500P. Completing a full Combo Challenge gets you a total of 4,250P.

Playing online or offline matches is a very slow method of collecting Coins so we do not recommend you use it as your primary source of getting them.

In fact, the quest is pretty much the best way to go about this above all other methods. That and the Combo Challenges are the best ways to buy yourself some cool stuff real quick.