Dead Island 2 Red Tide Quest Guide

The Red Tide side quest in Dead Island 2 has you investigating some CDC structures along the Santa Monica Pier and we can help you out.

Each region of Dead Island 2 has a number of side quests to help players either gather legendary weapons or simply amass XP. Red Tide, as the name suggests, is a side quest within The Pier district of Dead Island 2. To get you started and help you complete the Dead Island 2 Red Tide side quest, we have prepared this handy guide.

How to start Red Tide side quest

As mentioned before, Red Tide is within the Santa Monica Pier region.

You will find yourself in this location when doing the main story quest, “Rage Quit”. Go to Lifeguard HQ on the Santa Monica Pier and talk to Carmen. Speak to her, and the side quest “Red Tide” will begin.

Dead Island 2 Red Tide walkthrough

In this quest, you need to find a boat that has been requested by Cooper. Starting from the Lifeguard HQ at Santa Monica, head to the CDC HQ in search of the boat’s trail. 

Reaching the CDC HQ, you then need to search for hints to find the boat and then go to the main dome and collect the trail. However, as you enter the place you will find so many butchers inside. Kill them all and one of the Butcher will drop an interesting item.

CDC Headquarters

The first thing you need to do right after the quest begins is follow the quest marker and head toward the CDC headquarters. CDC headquarters is far from Santa Monica therefore to save time just dodge the Zombies that you will see on your way instead of killing them all.

CDC Tents

Once you reach the CDC tent, search for different clues that can help you reach Cooper’s boat. Here you can first collect the Cashing Out Journal that is thrown in the Medical waste container next to the door. The “Paging Doctor Whom” Journal is also located in this room at the center tables where the monitors are placed.

These Journals will tell you about Cooper’s intentions to get something out of the Quarantine Zone but still no information about the boat. Enter the next hallway, and there look behind the room partition. You will find another journal “Change of Scenery”.

Thus, after the investigation inside this tent, you will become sure that there is a boat and that the main dome is a place you need to head next.

Main Dome

This is located to the northwest of the CDC tent. As you reach the place, you will see a keycard reader. Interact with it and the door will open. This place is full of dangerous butchers which you need to kill. As you kill them, one of the Butchers will drop Huang’s Warning Journal.

Go to the Beach

Once, you have picked up Huang’s Warning Journal, come out of the main dome and head towards the beach. Here, you will find different red containers.

The area is full of zombies, therefore make sure that you kill them and then try on different red containers. The right container is among those located in the South of the damaged boat half submerged in the water. 

Cooper will spawn as soon as you will interact with the right container. Kill him to complete the Red Tide mission. Unlike, some other side quests which reward you with some legendary weapons or skill cards, Red Tide side quest just offers you 3000 XP.