How To Open The Mystery Goodie Box In Dead Island 2

In Dead Island 2, you need to have a good weapon. Many of these are found in lockboxes such as the Mystery Goodie Box. Here is how to open it!

To survive the zombie apocalypse in Dead Island 2, you will need weapons. They are found all across the game but some special ones are found locked away in safes and lockboxes. One such lockbox is the Dead Island 2 Mystery Goodie Box. As the name implies, you can expect some wonderful weapons inside. But it will be locked when you find it and you will need the Mystery Goodie Box Code in Dead Island 2 to open it.

How do you find the Mystery Goodie Box in Dead Island 2? Where do you find the code? No doubt you’re asking these questions but don’t worry. We have you covered and will explain the step-by-step process on how to unlock Mystery Goodie Box in Dead Island 2. 

Where is the Mystery Goodie Box in Dead Island 2? 

To find the Mystery Goodie Box, you need to make your way to the top floor of the Lotusville Mall. 

Once you are there, head to the West end to the glass window from where you can have a look at Ocean Avenue. Here, you can locate the Mystery Goodie Box beside the railing. It will be easily identifiable by its blue color. 

For you to access the Lotusville Mall, you need to first enter the Serling Hotel. As both these places are interconnected from the inside, you can then head Northwest into the hotel to access the mall. 

How to get the Mystery Goodie Box code in Dead Island 2 

Now that you found the Mystery Box, you will be bummed to find out that it is locked. Unlike other lockboxes, you will need a code to open it.   

To get your hands on the Mystery Goodie Box code, you need to complete three missions given to you by a character named Hana. Hana is an NPC in Dead Island 2 which will give you a series of side quests via the radio. These side quests will come in a series and are listed below: 

  • The Rav-Ages of Caustic X 
  • Boz Makes a Bang
  • Dez and the Mother of Satan

Once you have completed the last quest, you will get the Mystery Goodie Box Code needed to open it. 

What’s inside the Mystery Goodie Box 

Once you have opened the Mystery Goodie Box, you will be rewarded with a Shark Tooth Machete. This is a high-stat melee weapon that can deal heavy damage to enemies.  

Not only that but this Machete also comes with Electrocutor Mod straight from the box. This will allow you to deal shock damage to the enemies. The perk on the Mystery Goodie Box will also amplify the damage during consecutive hits. 

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