Dead Island 2 Development Still Happening According to Sumo Digital

Dead Island 2 development is apparently still happening, according to a Sumo Digital job posting that was uncovered by a NeoGAF user.

The website of Sumo Digital, the company that is currently in charge of the Dead Island 2 development process, has apparently said they’re still working on the game.

Dead Island 2 had been announced in 2014, but since then rumors have circulated that the game has been cancelled. Now, apparently they’re wrong.

According to the NEOGaf post that revealed that Sumo Digital is still working on the game, Sumo Digital currently has a job posting on its website that says they’re looking for people to help with games like Dead Island 2.

Crackdown 3 and other “exciting but unannounced projects” are also part of the job listings.

Dead Island 2 is the actual sequel to the original Dead Island, which had a standalone expansion called Dead Island Riptide and an Arcade title called Escape Dead Island.

Originally, Yager Development had been in charge of Dead Island 2 development, but ran into trouble after they were dropped in favor of Sumo Digital by publisher Deep Silver.

Dead Island 2 is set in California in the mainland United States, unlike the first game, which was set on a jungle island in Papua New Guinea.

You will most likely play as one of a group of survivors that must survive during the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse.

Apparently Dead Island 2 will be different from the original Dead Island games in a number of ways. These include things like combat, though more factors will be staying, such as the crafting and berserker systems.

Ever since Sumo Digital took over Dead Island 2 development, we’ve heard almost nothing about the game. Sumo Digital did say that development of the game was going very well back in November, but even then we haven’t had any real news from the studio about the game.

Hopefully Sumo Digital will finish Dead Island 2 development soon so that we can finally be reassured that it’s not cancelled.

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