Can You Customize Characters In Dead Island 2? 

Can you customize characters in Dead Island 2? This question is being asked around the community. If you want to learn the answer, read on!

Customizations play a big part in any game as you can appease yourself by customizing your character according to your preferences. They allow you to show off the unique personality of your characters. And thus, the question is brought up with Dead Island 2 as well. Can you customize characters in Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 allows you to choose from 6 Slayers named Jacob, Ryan, Bruno, Dani, Amy, and Carla. They all come with their own personality traits and looks in the game. If you want to learn if you can customize these characters to create an even more of a unique look, read on. 

Does Dead Island 2 allow Character customization?  

At the moment, this feature has not been made available since the game only allows you to use characters with their default appearances. So this means that you will have to continue with their regular outfit. 

You do have the option to change characters, but for that, you will have to access the loadout slot and begin a new game.

However, character customization features may be added to Dead Island 2 in the future allowing you to create your own style.

The closest you can come to character customization is by buying the Gold and Deluxe editions of the game. These editions will add Pack 1 and Pack 2 to the game granting additional outfits for Jacob and Amy.  

Character Pack 1 will feature character customization items like the Rodeo Set which you can apply on Jacob along with weapons such as the Devil’s Horseshoes. Similarly in the Character Pack 2, you will costume items such as the Neurunner. As for the weapon option, you will get Casimir and Julienne in this second pack. These weapons can also be used by all your favorite characters in Dead Island 2 as well. 

  • So to set your characters with these outfits you will have to first start the game and then go into the menu section of Dead Island 2. 
  • Next, you need to click the slayer option which will be present in the menu. 
  • After this, you can simply choose the outfit from Pack 1 and 2 for your character and apply it on them.  
  • The last step would be to simply hit save and go back to the menu where you can start the game with this new outfit in Dead Island 2.
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