How To Defeat Butcho The Clown In Dead Island 2

You need a strategy to stand a chance against the enemies like Butcho the Clown in Dead Island 2. This Clown is the opposite of what ...

Horrible-looking zombies are one thing in Dead Island 2. But the power and terror of bosses in the game take your experience to the next level. You need a strategy to stand a chance against the enemies like Butcho the Clown in Dead Island 2.

This Clown is the opposite of what children expect, as its face can bring horror to anyone playing the game. His arms are made of blades, so the title of Butcher perfectly sums up the personality of this boss.

You will come across Butcho the Clown while progressing through the game’s main story. Boardwalking Dead, the quest will take you to several places and in one of those, you will encounter the Butcher. This is a newly added category in the game, so there’s much to learn about Butcho the Clown.

Where to find Butcho the Clown in Dead Island 2

The Boardwalking Dead quest will take you toward the area with several fun rides. Sadly, these rides are now haunted by the dead, and zombies explore the site for some fresh meat.

Toward the end of the quest, you will have an objective to collect a Blood Drive. That is precisely where you will face the Butcho the Clown in Dead Island 2.

While riding the Ferris Wheel on the side of the Pier, a cutscene will initiate, and a zombie having a mask will appear on the ride. Unfortunately, you can still see the horrible teeth of the Clown even through the masks. After the scene, the enemy will relocate toward the damaged area of the Pier.

You will have to move toward that side, and the moment you touch the Blood Drive, a scene will start. During this scene, Butcho the Clown will appear for a fight in Dead Island 2.

How to defeat Butcho the Clown

One thing that differentiates this boss from others is the regeneration ability of Butcho in The Dead Island 2. You will find this Clown eating the dead bodies to regain its strength and health. It means you must, at all costs, stop this boss from feeding on other bodies during the fight.

Before heading to the end area of the Pier, try to restock items like Energy Drinks and Health Kits. Because each strike from Butcho can drain much of your health.

Start the fight by using your best weapons and keep a close eye on the stance of the Butcher. This zombie in Dead Island 2 can block your shots by folding its arms in front of the chest. So wait for the right moment and do not waste your ammo; each bullet is crucial for this fight.

Use weapons with fast attack speed and try to initiate electrical damage to make your enemy immobile. The mobility of this boss is a headache, so stopping the enemy in its tracks allows you to land some clean hits for maximum damage.

Moreover, you can turn the tide of the battle in your favor by utilizing the weapons that inflict fire damage as the enemy is less resistant to this attack. You should also be quick on your feet during each phase of the battle in Dead Island 2.

Butcho the Clown will leap towards you with its blades performing quick 2-3 slashes depending on its health. So jumping and dodging is the suitable mechanism for this kind of combat. However, the enemy becomes vulnerable for a few seconds after every leap. You can use the time window to hit maximum damage shots.

Also, ensure that whenever Butcho the Clown tries to run away, you lure it back by firing toward the creature. With this strategy, you will stop the health regeneration of the boss, and the fight will be all yours to win in the end.

After your battle, Dead Island 2 Butcho the Clown drops several items you can use to craft different materials, and you also get cash as a reward. Additionally, your win will unlock the Butcher Zompedia entry in Dead Island 2. All these rewards make the battle with Butcho the Clown worth it.

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