How To Use Alexa Game Control In Dead Island 2

In Dead Island 2, the Alexa Game Control allows you to play the game using voice commands. Here is how to set it up and use it in the game!

Alexa Game Control is an Amazon-connected service that was introduced as a part of Dead Island 2. This feature is exclusive to PC and Xbox players and cannot be accessed by PlayStation users. 

It allows you to use your audio to pass commands and interact with the environment around you. This makes it one of the most interesting aspects of your gaming experience since you will be using voice control to game. 

If you are looking forward to using this feature, then you came to the right place as today we will be showing you how to use Alexa Game Control in Dead Island 2.  

How Alexa game control works 

Playing a game using audio commands has been done in the recent past as well but Dead Island 2 takes it up a notch. Using the Alexa Game Control, you can perform a variety of actions such as triggering zombies, setting and clearing waypoints, etc. These actions can be quite helpful in certain situations. Particularly when your hands are occupied elsewhere such as grabbing a snack.

Triggering zombies will lower them towards a kill while setting waypoints to the closest location without the use of the map saves you effort. However, you cannot use randomized dialogues and are given a script of phrases you can use. But despite that fact, it is still a fan-favorite feature that makes the game even more interesting to play. 

How to set up Alexa game control 

Setting up Alexa game control is an easy task. Simply head over to the Main Settings Menu and scroll down to the bottom to find the Alexa Game Control option. Next up link your Amazon account with it to the game and enable the Voice Commands. 

After voice commands have been enabled, pick your desired way of talking to the mic from options such as Voice Activity, Push to Talk, and Tap to Talk. While Tap to Talk is a good way to convey your voice, we would highly recommend using the Push to Talk method. It only records your audio when you are pushing a particular button so it will not pick up surrounding noise unintentionally.  

How to use Alexa game control  

The best part about this feature is that it does not need Amazon Echo devices. The only requirements for using it are an Amazon account and a microphone. Any microphone is acceptable whether it be your PC’s built-in mic or your headsets. 

When you have set up your Alexa Game Control, it will trigger a ping sound effect whenever it wants to listen to your audio. During which a blue circle is seen at the lower section of the screen. An even lighter blue circle is also seen on the screen when you start speaking on the map to pass commands to the control.  

You will be able to use this feature after you reach the Bel-Air section during the game.

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