Dead By Daylight Update 4.7.2 Releases For All Platforms

Dead by Daylight update 4.7.2 has been released for all of the game's platforms, bringing out a number of small fixes to the game.

If you’ve been having a few certain issues with your copy of Dead by Daylight, developer Behaviour Interactive has you covered. Dead by Daylight update 4.7.2 has come out today for all of its platforms, and even though it’s just a hotfix, hopefully it will fix certain issues that are still around.

The hotfix mainly fixes a variety of small issues without adding in anything new, though it’s likely that the purpose of the hotfix is to get ready for when the next major DLC drops for the game, ensuring that everything works properly.

The hotfix fixes include things related to players (such as not being able to be picked up again if you fall in a certain area) and the hook (such as not being able to trigger scoring events while you were on it or the game displaying an incorrect keybinding as you try and get off), along with a few adjustments to the Killers.

Dead by Daylight update 4.7.2 balances killers in some areas, such as preventing players from using an exploit to change killers while the game is finding a match, preventing them from blocking off the basement in Coldwind Farm. There were also adjustments that helped the killer, such as a fix that prevented a bug from causing desync as the Killer if a survivor disconnected as they were being killed.

Many of the individual killers also got fixes. For instance, the Deathslinger won’t be stuck in their reeling animation if a survivor disconnects after being shot, the Hag’s accessories will remain in place on her mud phantasm, and Legion no longer clipping into pallets while jumping over them.

There are a number of other adjustments to in Dead by Daylight update 4.7.2, so if you want to read the rest you can follow this link to the actual patch notes.

You can play the game on Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, and Playstation 5 now.

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