DayZ Standalone Guide – Hunger, Thirst, Blood, and Regeneration

In DayZ Standalone, the basic question that everyone needs to know is how much water and energy is required to fulfill the player’s need and to perform various activities effectively?

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DayZ Standalone Hunger, Thirst, Blood, and Regeneration

For a general overview, you’ll feel Hungry when your energy drops down to 600. As for Thirst, you’ll start feeling at 2,000.

Now, if you have a can of sardines, it’ll roughly provide you with 24 Water and 83 energy per bite.

Let us assume a situation where your character is at the Thirst threshold, i.e. 2,000 and consumes a can of sardines. According to analysis, it should raise your Water to 2,024.

If you engage in an activity like jogging; you’ll feel thirsty after 72 seconds. So it’s concluded that jogging for 72 seconds consumes 24 Water.

As for running, 24 water is consumed after 73 seconds. As for walking and crawling, these activities consume 70 and 71 water respectively.

Sprinting takes 24 water after 67 seconds. And lastly, staying idle will consume 24 Water in 180 seconds.

The same can be concluded for Energy. For a general overview, while you’re active (sprinting, running, walking, etc.) you’ll consume one energy per 4 seconds.

As for being idle, you’ll consume one energy per 15 seconds.

It’s pretty evident from the data above that your speed doesn’t hold much significance when it comes to depleting Water and Energy.

Now that we know all about Energy, Thirst, and their consumption; let us talk about different available food items, and the units of Water/Energy provided.

Canned Food

Baked Beans: 17 units of Water and 31 units of Energy
Spaghetti: 16 units of Water and 20 units of Energy
Tuna: 7 units of Water and 32 units of Energy
Sardines: 5 units of Water and 22 units of Energy

It’s pretty evident that fish products don’t provide you with much Water units but provide with surplus Energy.


Fresh Bananas: 6 units of Water 10 units of Energy
Fresh Apples: 9 units of Water 5 units of Energy
Fresh Orange: 7 units of Water 5 units of Energy
Fresh Kiwi: 3 units of Water 3 units of Energy
Rotten Bananas: 3 units of Water 3 units of Energy
Rotten Apples: 2 units of Water 1 unit of Energy
Rotten Oranges: 2 units of Water 2 units of Energy
Rotten Kiwi: 1 unit of Water 1 unit of Energy

A piece of advice; never eat rotten fruits as it can lead to food poisoning which is not worth it.

Dry Food

Box of Cereals: -13 units of Water and 62 units of Energy
Powdered Milk: -20 units of Water and 66 units of Energy
Pack of Rice: -50 units of Water 249 units of Energy

As you can see from above that consuming Dry Food products, you’ll get good amount of Energy but get less Water.


Water Bottle: 25 units of Water
Canteen: 50 units of Water
Soda: 17 units of Water and 9 units of Energy
Ponds: 5 units of Water

I wouldn’t advise storing food and consuming it as soon as you obtain it. When on full energy, you can stay active for around 22 hours or idle for 83 hours.

Eating food, which would provide you with four hours of activity will give you a Healthy status.

As for Water, when it’s on full capacity, you can stay active for 3 hours and 20 minutes or stay idle for 8 hours and 20 minutes.

Bodily Storage

Your character in DayZ has five basic bodily storage, i.e. Stomach, Water, Energy, Blood, and Health.

Full capacity: around 4,000 milliliter

When you reach about 3,500 milliliter in your stomach, you’ll start receiving messages that you’re over-fed. Keep on eating, and you’ll start getting warnings at 3,900 milliliters that you’re prone to sickness.

And in case you get sick, you may vomit which will deplete your Energy and Water. If you don’t eat/drink for some time, you’ll get receiving messages at about 1,000. However, an empty stomach shouldn’t cause a problem immediately.

Full capacity: around 4,000 milliliter

When you reach about 2,000 milliliter of Water, you’ll start getting messages about being Thirsty. But this isn’t anything you should be worried about!

If you still don’t drink any Water, you’ll get a yellow warning. And finally, a red warning will appear at 0 milliliter. You’ll lose 1% Blood/second and -5 Health/second in this condition.

You can’t store much amount of Water in your stomach and need to carry it in your inventory. You also need to note that the game starts with 1,800 milliliter Water level so you need to drink ASAP.

Full capacity: Around 20,000

You need to know that despite of having this much of Energy, you’ll feel Hungry at about 600; with a green warning.

If you still don’t eat anything, you’ll start feeling very Hungry at about 300; a yellow warning. And finally, you’ll start dying of starving at 100 Energy.

At this moment, you’ll start losing 0.5% Blood/second and 1 Energy/second.

The one thing that you need to know is NOT to confuse energy with Stomach, and a red warning can eventually kill you. Furthermore, you spawn with a 1,000 energy which is more than sufficient to roam around for quite some time.

Blood and Health
Both Blood and Health have a maximum capacity of 5,000. Dropping low on either Blood or Health will kill you. As for losing the Blood/Health, it can be understood in terms of an injury.

You should also note that if you sustain injuries and lose a lot of blood; you can’t expect to get up and run like a new character with a few bandages.

You’ll need proper time, environment, and care to get better.

Blood can be regenerated, which eventually regenerates your health. There are two ways to increase the Blood: natural regeneration and Blood Bags/Saline IV.

The natural regeneration process is carried out in two ways; slow regeneration and fast regeneration.

For slow regeneration, you need to have at least 3,500 Energy and 3,000 Water, which will regenerate your Blood at the rate of one Blood/second. As for fast regeneration, you’ll get three Blood/second but you’ll need 3,500 Water and 5,000 Energy.

Other than this, you’ll also need to rest for a while to make the process more effective.

After you’ve fully regenerated your Blood, you’ll start recovering your Health at a rate of three Health/second. However, you’ll need to maintain 3,500 Water and 5,000 Energy.

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