Days Gone Endings Guide

Our Days Gone Endings Guide details all the endings, going over what they are and how to unlock the normal as well as the secrets endings.

Days Gone has you biking through a post-apocalyptic Oregon as Deacon tries to find his wife, Sarah. The game involves multiple characters and storylines, which naturally translates into several endings. There are a total of four endings in Days Gone, but getting all of them isn’t as straightforward as it may seem.

In this guide, we’ll review all four endings in the gaming, including the main ending and two additional endings. Furthermore, we’ll also cover the secret ending and how you can get it. Lastly, we’ll also cover all the rewards you receive from each ending.

Main Ending – “For an Outlaw Biker”

The main ending for Days Gone can be unlocked once you finish the final story mission “For an Outlaw Biker”. This mission occurs after “You Can’t Do This Alone” following Deacon’s Attack on Wizard Island. In this mission, you must save Weaver.


Copeland’s Camp will join you in this mission even if you don’t have a high trust level with them

Once you’ve completed all the objectives; defeating the colonel, Schizzo, and saving Sarah, Both Deacon and her ride off into the sunset as the credits roll. For this ending, you get the following rewards:

  • SSR Sniper Rifle
  • The Mayor Revolver
  • It’s All We’ve Got” bike skin
  • Race Against Time” bike skin
  • Law and Disorder” bike skin
  • Keep Your Friends Close” bike skin
  • Blow It Up Good” bike skin
Did You Know

The Song that plays during the credits is called Days Gone Quiet by Lewis Capaldi

Iron Mike Ending – “For the Benefits of Others”

Days Gone Endings

After the credits end, you will unlock the mission associated with this ending; For the Benefit of Others. In this mission, you must meet Rikki and Addy at the graveyard near the Lost Lake Encampment. A brief cutscene will play once you reach the graveyard, and the mission will end. For this ending, you get the following rewards

  • Sheriff Revolver
  • We’ve All Done Things” bike skin

Lisa Ending – “I’m not a Ripper”

In this ending, you have to head to Mike’s Camp. Like the previous ending, this one involves a brief cutscene with Lisa and the guards of the area. Completing this ending gets you the following rewards in Days Gone:

  • Little Orphan Lisa” bike skin
  • Ripped Apart” bike skin

Secret Ending – “There’s Nothing You Can Do”

Days Gone Endings

Unlocking the secret ending is much more complex than the normal ones. First, you’ll need to finish everything there is to finish in Days Gone, which means clearing out every Freaker Horde, all of the Ambush Camps, obtaining all the IPCA tech, etc. Having done that, overcome the game’s final battle and let the credits roll. Once that happens, you’ll return to the world to finish anything you missed.

Now, you must keep yourself occupied until the NERO scientist O’Brian contacts you for a meet-up, do side missions, or obtain any collectible you haven’t already.

After O’Brian calls, a new mission, “There’s Nothing You Can Do” will start at the Old Pioneer Cemetery. When you complete that mission, you’ll unlock the secret ending to see O’Brian revealing his and NERO’s secret to Deacon. For this mission, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • Crafting recipe for Unknown NERO Weapon / IPCA stun gun

There is only one secret ending but 4 variations of it. Depending on what level you made it to 3 trust in the camps, you have different versions with additional cutscenes, for the basic ending. Taking down the Milita with Lost Lake only, Lost Lake and Copeland, Lost Lake and Tucker, or all 3 camps.

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