Days Gone Studio Seemingly Using Decima For Next Game

It seems like Sony Bend Studio is using Guerrilla Games Decima Engine for their upcoming open-word IP.

Last month, Sony Bend Studio confirmed that it is developing a new open-world IP with multiplayer capabilities. The new project is still a mystery, but some intriguing hints come from a team member’s LinkedIn profile.

Mathew Seymour is currently employed by Bend Studio as a game designer and is focused on a new project. According to Seymour’s LinkedIn profile (thanks to PS Fans), he is working on the Decima engine actively. This looks interesting as Bend Studio developed Days Gone with Unreal Engine 4.

Seymour has also handled the game’s technical aspects, including the layout, map design, population density, and other technological variations. Though not yet formally verified, the game designer’s description of this engine might be viewed as the project’s first clear indication of its technical potential.

Seymour also mentioned the Decima as one of the technologies he uses to create the “enigmatic open-world.” It raises the possibility that Guerrilla Games’ Decima may be used in the upcoming PlayStation game.

Seymour’s responsibilities at Bend Studio on its new project include layout, population, macro/micro polish, the design of maps, and POI, much to his work at Naughty Dog.

Guerrilla Games built the in-house game engine Decima in 2013. This engine was used by Supermassive and Kojima Production’s Until Dawn and Death Stranding, respectively. Horizon Forbidden West was also developed with Decima.

Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that the leaks about Decima have not been confirmed yet, and also what the new open-world IP will be.

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