Bioware Employee, David Crooks, Celebrates And Mocks TotalBiscuit’s Death

TotalBiscuit was a renowned YouTube personality and video game critic whose death is a tremendous loss for the gaming community.

Update: Following the backlash, BioWare’s GM Casey Hudson stepped forward and issued his statement regarding the whole matter: Original Story: TotalBiscuit was a renowned YouTube personality and video game critic whose death is a tremendous loss for the gaming community. However, it seems like not everyone feels that same way and disgustingly a BioWare employee, David Crooks, thought it was a good idea to mock John Peter ‘TotalBiscuit’ Bain in his death. David Crooks is a BioWare employee who took to Twitter following TotalBiscuit’s passing and began trash-talking him; calling the word ‘a little bit better’ after Bain’s demise. One would think Crooks would stop there but no, he went on a series of follow-up tweets to further insult the dead. The entire series of tweets can be found attached in the image below:
As it should be, the community is disgusted by the act and it’s sad to see people can be so unfeeling and cold. Following the backlash, Crooks has tried to cover up his mistake by making all of his tweets private. Moreover, Crooks has also removed his bio detailing that he worked for BioWare and Electronic Arts – his LinkedIn Profile (now private) can be found in the link. While it cannot be justified in any sense of the word, the reason Crooks is so harsh towards Bain can be attributed to Bain criticizing the critically panned Mass Effect 3, Need for Speed: Rivals, and some other projects Crooks worked on. Ironically, despite ME: Andromeda’s failures, TotalBiscuit was one of the handful that actually liked the game and recommended people to play it. On the other hand, the entire gaming community is mourning the loss of Bain whose contributions to the gaming community remain endless. His YouTube channel of game reviews and podcasts had 2.2 million subscribers where he was seen as an articulate supporter of indie developers. He also reviewed games along with curating lists of game recommendations on the Steam. His WTF is series was immensely popular among his fans. Bain was diagnosed with bowel cancer back in 2014 and announced that it was terminal a year after. A week his demise, Bain tweeted saying that his physical body was feeling better but he still needed some time to recover mentally: Nothing can right what Crooks did and Bain did more for the gaming community than all of us can do in 10 lifetimes. May he respawn in a better place! What do you think of David Crooks celebrating TotalBiscuit’s Death while also mocking his life’s work? Let us know in the comments!

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