How To Unlock And Use Thunder Hammer In Darktide

There are many iconic weapons in Warhammer 40K: Darktide and one belongs exclusively to the Zealot players. The mighty Thunder...

There are many iconic weapons in Warhammer 40K: Darktide and one belongs exclusively to the Zealot players. The mighty Thunder Hammer can only be used if you play the Zealot class, as different classes are associated with specific roles in the game.

There are various objectives in the game that you must complete to get yourself the Thunder Hammer. You should start this early on because as you advance in the game, enemies will become harder and tougher. You will, hence, need the hammer by then.

This guide is crafted to provide information on how to unlock and use the Thunder Hammer in Darktide.

How to unlock the Thunder Hammer in Darktide

The first thing you need to do is to select the Zealot class and level it up to 25 trust levels. After reaching this level, you will see the weapon in the Armoury Exchange and Sir Melk’s Requisitorium.

After completing random missions, you will also see it appearing as the Emperor’s gift reward.

You can purchase the hammer from the Armoury Exchange. You must check the Armoury exchange often, as the items refresh every hour. Once the hammer appears there, make the purchase.

The same goes for the Requisitorium.

How to use the Thunder Hammer in Darktide

You can perform three types of attacks with the Thunder Hammer. The power that goes behind those attacks is substantial, providing you with a fighting chance against the high-level enemies in Darktide.

The first attack is for targeting single enemies. You make quick light attacks to inflict damage on specific targets. These attacks are rapid, providing you with excellent mobility.

You can also perform heavy attacks, dealing maximum damage to all the enemies within your attack range. These attacks also knock back the enemies and create a chance for your team to finish the job.

Furthermore, the Thunder Hammer features a special attack that can wipe out high-level enemies such as elites. Striking a target will produce an electrified charge that can affect nearby enemies like a sort of chained lightning attack to drain their health.

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