How To Complete Psyker Psykinetic Penances In Darktide

To complete Psykinetic Penances in Warhammer 40K Darktide, you must play as a Psyker, as these are class-specific penances. Completing these Psyker Penances will reward you with character frames and cosmetics. Most of the penances are pretty easy to complete, but some need you to put in a little effort.

But you don’t have to worry, as this guide will cover all details you need to know to complete the Psyker Psykinetic penances in Darktide.

Darktide Psyker Psykinetic penances

Most Psykinetic Penances in Warhammer 40000 Darktide are easy to complete, just like other class penances. But still, some need you to play smart.

Below you will find all the Psyker Psykinetic class penances in Darktide and the requirements to complete them.

Mind over Matter

Mind over Matter is a pretty simple penance for the Psyker class. All you have to do is reach Trust Level 5 to complete it. You will get an upper body cosmetic for completing it.


While playing as the Psyker class complete 25 missions to complete this penance.

Mind Over Matter

You can quickly complete this penance by completing at least one mission of each type when playing as the Psykinetic class. It will reward you with a character frame as well.

Not Even Close

Simply killing a punching pox hound using the Brain Burst ability will complete this penance. It will reward you with a Storm Witch’s Penance Raiment for your lower body.


To complete the Cliffhanger penance in Warhammer 40K Darktide, you must knock off 20 enemies in 2 seconds from the ledge. This may sound tough, but it is not. Stand at the ledge and wait for all the enemies to come to you.

Once 20 or more enemies gather, blast the place to knock them off the ledge. You will get a Storm Witch’s Penance Raiment for the upper body as a reward.

Do keep in mind that enemies bumping into enemies and knocking them off doesn’t count for this challenge. So your attack needs to hit 20 enemies.

Warp Battery

To complete the Warp Battery challenge for Psykinetic, you must maintain the warp charges for 300 seconds in a single session while playing on Malice or higher threat.

You will get a Storm Witch’s Penance Raiment for your upper body for completing this penance.

Going Out With a Bang

On Malice or higher threat level with a single Perils of Warp explosion, take out three elite enemies to complete this penance and get Storm Witch’s Duty Raiment for the upper body as a reward.

To take out three elite enemies at once, make three enemies crawl around you and then blow yourself up. We will recommend you find low-health elite enemies for this.

Pick n’ Mix

On Heresy or higher difficulty in Warhammer 40K Darktide, within 10 seconds, you must take out five specialist or Elite enemies to complete this penance.

Using a heavy and quick weapon will do this job quite easily. You will also get a lower body cosmetic for completing this penance.

Malleus Monstronum

Malleus Monstronum is one of the most annoying penances in Warhammer 40,000 Darktide that requires handling a monster alone and taking it out using the Brain Burst ability. Even if a single point of damage is done by an ally, the challenge will not count for you.

Communicate with your teammates that you are doing the Malleus Monstronum penance for Psyker so they don’t interrupt you and then just deal damage to the monster with Brain Burst to complete the penance.

You will get an upper body cosmetic for completing the Malleus penance.

Kinetic Killer

To complete this penance, you must ensure that the following challenges for Psyker Psykinectic are completed.

  • Mind over Matter
  • Mind Over Matter
  • Lifeleech
  • Cliffhanger
  • Not Even Close

The reward for completing this penance is one head cosmetic.

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