How To Complete Zealot Preacher Penances In Darktide

Like other Penances in the Warhammer 40000 Darktide, Zealot Preacher penances also reward you with character Frames, Trinkets, and cosmetics for the head, upper body, and lower body. As they are under the class penance category, the only way to complete these challenges is by playing the Zealot class in Darktide.

Some of these Preacher penances are a little tricky to complete, so we have prepared this Warhammer 40K Darktide guide to make the whole penance completion easier for you.

Darktide Zealot Preacher penances

Completing the Preacher Penances in Warhammer Darktide is relatively easy if you know what to do. Most of the Penances are pretty straightforward to complete, but some will require you to play some tricks.

To make things easier for you, we have mentioned all the Zealot Penances and how you can complete them to get the rewards in Darktide.

Maniacal Laughter

To complete this penance, all you have to do is, as a Preacher, reach Trust Level 5. You will get an upper body cosmetic as a reward.


Completing 25 missions as a Preacher class will complete the Doomseeker penance. There is no reward for completing this penance.

Praise the God Emperor!

Completing one mission of each type is what you need to complete this penance and earn a Zealot Preacher character frame.

Buying Time

To complete it, you must first locate a sniper at least 40 meters from you and then throw a Stun Grenade to take it out. You will get Anointed Mendicant’s Vestments for lower body as a reward.

Abhor the Mutant

Abhor the Mutant is a tricky penance as it is not like you have to dash and kill a Mutant with a melee attack. You have to kill a mutant during the dash.

So you have to perform dashing and killing simultaneously. It will reward you with an Anointed Mendicant’s Vestments for the upper body.

Shocking Stuff

You can complete Shocking Stuff challenge on Malice or Higher threat. Firstly, stun 50 or more enemies using the stun grenades and then take them in 10 seconds.

The weapon that you should use for doing that is Flamer. It will allow you to take out a lot of enemies within the required time. You will get a Pious Mendicant’s Vestments for the lower body by completing the Shocking Stuff penance in Darktide.

Up Close and Personal

It is a tricky penance; you must complete a mission on Malice or a higher threat without using a gun.

So to complete this achievement quickly, we recommend you use a flamer and complete the penance to get Pious Mendicant’s Vestments for the upper body.

There is Nothing But the Abyss

To complete this achievement, you must play on Heresy or higher threat and fill your health using the Holy Revenant feat. It will reward you with the Saintly Mendicant’s Vestments for the lower body.

Just A Flesh Wound

You must complete this penance on Heresy or higher threat within 10 minutes, and make sure you don’t take more than one wound for seven and a half minutes. Completing this penance rewards you with a Saintly Mendicant’s Vestments for the upper body.

Sainted Path

To complete this penance, you must ensure that the following penances are completed.

  • Maniacal Laughter
  • Praise the God-Emperor
  • Doomseeker
  • Abhor the Mutant
  • Buying Time

You will get one head cosmetic for completing this achievement.

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