How To Complete Abhor The Mutant Penance In Darktide

One of the class challenges or penance for Zealot Preachers in Darktide is Abhor the Mutant. Similar to other penances in the game, by completing this challenge you get a brand new cosmetic for Zealot in Warhammer 40K Darktide.

In the Abhor the Mutant penance challenge, you must dash into an enemy and kill it during the charge. It’s a little difficult and unreasonable but here’s how to complete Abhor The Mutant penance in Darktide

How to complete Abhor The Mutant penance in Darktide

Finding out how much damage you inflict on mutants is the finest method you can use to complete Abhor The Mutant penance as a Zealot Preacher. Using that knowledge, you can whittle an enemy down to very little health.

You can then simultaneously prepare your strong strike and charge from there. Then, when you pass the mutant, you want to switch to its side and smack it. Another piece of advice we can provide you to complete Abhor the Mutant in Warhammer 40000 Darktide is to keep an eye out for your allies’ movements.

If one of them is attacking an enemy, once they whittle it down to enough health simply go ahead and perform the charge. When you find the open window, you can charge and attempt to melee it while charging to finish the penance.

Another way to complete the challenge is to basically sacrifice one of your allies. Wait for the mutant to charge someone and then while the mutant is busy beating them, you can take your time to reduce its health and then charge the mutant, hitting it while passing by to complete Abhor the Mutant penance.

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