How To Complete Mission Penances In Darktide

Warhammer 40K Darktide features a variety of different categories of penances or challenges revolving around classes, playstyles or just playing the game. One such category, Mission Penances in Darktide have no special requirements to complete, unlike class category penances in which you must play with a specific class to complete penances.

This guide will tell you about all the mission penances in the Darktide and how you can complete them.

Most of the mission-related penances or challenges will randomly complete while you complete different missions in Warhammer 40000 Darktide.

But still, to complete some, you need to know about the requirements. Although most of the time these penances just require playing missions a certain number of times so just playing the game for a while should complete these challenges for you.

Below are all the requirements and rewards you can get for completing these mission related challenges in Warhammer 40K Darktide.

Raiding Party

To complete the Raiding Party Penance, you must complete 50 raid missions in Darktide.

Seek, Locate, Destroy

It is similar to the last penance. You have to complete 50 Assassination missions to get it done.

No Stone Unturned

Simply completing 50 Investigation missions will complete this mission penance for you.

Disruptive Behaviour

You can complete the Disruptive Behaviour penance by completing 50 Disruption missions in Darktide.

Strike Force

Playing and completing 50 Strike missions will complete the Strike Force penance.

Master of Intrigue

Just complete 50 Espionage missions to get the Master of Intrigue achievement.

Omnissiah’s Hand

While playing the game, you must complete at least 50 Repair missions to complete Omnissiah’s Hand penance.

First Assignment

Complete 100 missions and you will get the character frame as a reward.

Auspex Drill

Simply scanning 10 Auspex targets will complete this penance.


Interrogate 10 data successfully to complete this penance.

Adapt to the Environment

Completing a mission with a special condition will complete this penance.

Stand by for Action

You have to complete 1 Flash mission to complete the penance.

Rapid Response

Set the damnation difficulty and complete a Flash mission to complete this penance.

Flawless Interrogator

Without a single incorrect Auspex entry, complete the interrogation of data.

Inquisitorial Recruit

While playing the game on Sedition or higher threat, complete each type of mission and get a character frame as a reward.

Mission Improbable

This is the final and ultimate penance in the mission category. Completing the following penances will complete the Mission Improbable automatically and reward you with a Trinket.

  • Raiding Party
  • Seek
  • Locate, Destroy
  • No Stone Unturned
  • Disruptive Behaviour
  • Strike Force
  • Master of Intrigue
  • Omnissiah’s Hand

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