How To Complete Deadeye Penance In Darktide

In Warhammer 40k: Darktide players complete certain challenges known as “Penances”. These challenges require a lot of dedication to complete as they are incredibly challenging.

You will be taking on tasks that require very specific and strict conditions to be completed. Some of these tasks might seem undoable at first, but with enough patience, you can surely complete these tasks.

The following guide will tell you how to finish the Deadeye Penance in the game.

How to get Deadeye Penance in Darktide

You need to practice your aim for this penance. The Deadeye challenge tasks you to kill 5 enemies by only striking them in their weak spots. Moreover, you can only complete this challenge by using your secondary weapon on the Heresy difficulty level. On top of all this, you cannot use Volley Fire more than once while completing this challenge.

Deadeye Penance tips

  • Use a precise single-shot secondary weapon to hit the weak spots (the Lasgun is ideal). If you use fully automatic guns, recoil will make this challenge harder.
  • On matter what gun you decide to go with for this challenge, make sure it is upgraded to the max.
  •  It is highly recommended that you attempt this penance after reaching level 30. Therefore, your Volley Fire will recharge after using any feat, making this challenge a tad bit easier.

Best feats to complete the Deadeye Penance

As mentioned above, the feat you will choose has to support your Volley Fire. Below are the ideal feats for this penance.

  • Level 5 (At Arm’s Length)
  • Level 10 (Sniper)
  • Level 15 (Covering Fire)
  • Level 20 (Camo Expert)
  • Level 25 (Deadshot/Once After Another)
  • Level 30 (Counterfire)

Deadeye Penance is required to have a decent aim. However, the feats above make this challenge doable. On level 25 you have two options; “Deadshot” is a high-risk high reward option, and it takes a lot of skill to pull it off. The much safer option out of both is “One After Another” as it doesn’t require as much skill. The final Feat is “Counterfire” at level 30, without this the Deadeye Penance is almost impossible.

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