Darksiders Genesis Mammon Boss Guide

Learn how to avoid attacks and defeat the demon lord Mammon in Darksiders Genesis with the help of our detailed guide to the game

Mammon is one of the demon lords that Lucifer granted powers to after the destruction of the Nephilim. Players get to face him in Chapter 6 of Darksiders Genesis and the entire chapter just consists of this boss fight. This Darksiders Genesis Mammon Boss guide will help you defeat Mammon in Chapter 6 of Darksiders Genesis.

Darksiders Genesis Mammon Boss

First things first, always be adaptive to the situation especially when it comes to your characters.

Use the right character for the right situation. For instance, you can use Strife to put down smaller enemies, and War to play against the boss.

Whenever the boss uses a purple projectile, move away from its length as its one of Mammon’s main attacks and the laser beam deals quite a good deal of damage if you’re caught in it.

Be wary of Mammon’s quick attacks, in which the boss will hide in the ground and consequently come out of it to attack you and stun your character. If you don’t keep moving, you will easily be surprised by Mammon’s quick attacks.

After the second phase starts, Mammon’s main attack will be a large beam of purple laser. This laser will have a very long range and it will deal tons damage.


You can only avoid the damage by running in the same direction in which Mammon is turning.

Mammon will also throw grenades around him, if you walk over them, they will explode and deal a lot of damage.

During the battle, the boss will set up a gate for his reinforcements. You will have to destroy them as quickly as you can or else you will have to deal with extra or unwanted problems and damage.

Your opponents will drop orbs, collect these to heal yourself. You can also use health potions to do so. This is because your health is essential for the fight, and if you die, you will have to restart the fight from the beginning.

In the final phase of the boss fight, Mammon will summon the hammer, the gate, and two of his clones. All of these will be his allies, but you will need to focus on attacking Mammon.

To determine which Mammon is real once the copies appear, try inflicting damage on each of them since the copies will not take any damage.

After you manage to defeat Mammon, you will get the Mammon core and a large amount of souls.

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