Darksiders Genesis Flux Chamber Boss Guide

With Darksiders Genesis constantly diversifying things for you in terms of enemies, you might find yourself stumped at the Flux Chamber in Chapter 14 of Darksiders Genesis. You will find yourself in opposition of the Flux Chamber boss once you finish all the mission objectives. Your boss is essentially a giant furnace that can’t wait to melt you down so read on for our Darksiders Genesis Flux Chamber Boss guide to survive this fight.

Darksiders Genesis Flux Chamber Boss

As you walk into the boss chamber make your way to the core of the Flux Chamber and unleash your fury of attacks on it.

Deal as much damage as you can while watching out for all the enemies surrounding the Flux Chamber boss.

Every once in awhile the Flux Chamber will release a shockwave that you will need to avoid by jumping so make sure you time it right otherwise you might find yourself off-balance.

The Flux Chamber will continuously attack you from a range by throwing substances at you which you are going to obviously need to dodge.

Avoid being poisoned and dodge the minions trying to hunt you down in the area.

Make sure to deal with all enemies that are thrown at you as fast as you can lest you find yourself overwhelmed.

Deal out as much damage as you can in the initial stage of the fight, the idea is not to drag it out for longer than it is supposed to be or else you will find yourself at the mercy of the overwhelming amount of minions around you.

The boss fight shouldn’t last long as it takes barely 2 minutes of a constant flurry of attacks to end the boss’ health.

Once the boss is down, you will finish this chapter and move on to the next one where you fight the Legion Shieldbearer.

This concludes all the details regarding The Flux Chamber as the boss fight is not that hard and you should be able to sail right past this enemy with no problems considering you have read the guide now.

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