Darksiders 3 Video Shows How the Game is Being Changed

A new Darksiders 3 video has been put up by Gunfire Games, showing how they'll be changing the way the series works in the series's third game.

A new Darksiders 3 video has shown the various ways that Gunfire Games, its developer, is going to be re-working the game in order to make Darksiders 3 more sophisticated than its previous games. Among these involves reworking the puzzles, the combat, and especially the game’s world, particularly in how travel works.

When dealing with the world, many Darksiders fans know that passing through various portals and gates (and into loading screens) means that you can’t travel from one place to another seamlessly. Even in the large environments of Darksiders 2, Death was still passing through loading screens to get to various segments.

However, Gunfire Games in the Darksiders 3 video says that the whole game is being made with “Swiss cheese level design”, where you can fall down a hole and end up somewhere completely different. If anything, the entire game is sort of like one big mega-dungeon, with various sub-dungeons inside it.

The new method of map-making will allow players to be able to seamlessly move from one area to another, in a similar fashion to how we saw Fury move in the Darksiders 3 gameplay that came out a few weeks ago when we saw her take on the demon lord Sloth.

In the backstory of Darksiders 3, War’s sister Fury will be going to Earth to hunt down the Seven Deadly Sins, an enormous threat to Creation as a whole. It will take place at what appears to be the same time or slightly before Darksiders and Darksiders 2, during the 100 years that War was imprisoned before being sent to the post-apocalyptic Earth.

There’s still no indication of when Darksiders 3 will be releasing aside from a general 2018 release date, though it will apparently be releasing on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. In the meantime, hopefully Gunfire will be showing Darksiders 3 off at E3 2017.

To see the Darksiders 3 video for yourself, just look further up the article.

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