Darksiders 3 Interview – What Took so Long? Xbox One X and PS4 Pro Support, and More

We had a chat with THQ Nordic's Reinhard Pollice to know more about Darksiders 3 and what took so long to finally bring it out.

THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games took a long time to bring us Darksiders 3 but from the looks of it, the wait was worth it. We had a chat with THQ Nordic’s Reinhard Pollice to know more about the game.

SegmentNext: It took a long time for Nordic to bring us Darksiders 3 and at one point there wasn’t much buzz left. Did remasters actually played a role in Nordic being interested in developing Darksiders 3? How long has the game been in development?

Reinhard Pollice: When we got our hands on the franchise our goal was always to continue the series in a meaningful way. We were just looking for the right team and the right timing. Basically, since we started with the Darksiders 2 remaster in early 2015 we bounced ideas with Gunfire Games but it actually started in Spring 2016.

SegmentNext: Fans are looking forward to seeing all four horsemen together, is that something we can expect to see in Darksiders 3, or future games?

Reinhard Pollice: I think it will happen one day. Time will tell when that moment is.

SegmentNext: In previous games, horsemen get weapons from other horsemen but fury has never leant her weapon so does that mean that she won’t get any help in return either?

Reinhard Pollice: All the horsemen are somehow interconnected so I wouldn’t rule out any help from her brothers. Her weapon is just not that easy to use so that’s why it wasn’t with War and Death.

SegmentNext: Let’s talk horses, so far the map design doesn’t look horse friendly, is Fury’s horse appearing in the game?

Reinhard Pollice: Our game is not trying to be a big open world RPG like Darksiders 2. Its more contained like Darksiders 1.

SegmentNext: How linear or open-ended Darksiders 3’s map is?

Reinhard Pollice: We built the world in a way that there is a natural sense of coming back to places but also the player always has choices where he wants to go and there is obviously a good amount of sides and secrets to discover.

SegmentNext: Apart from the main storyline, what other activities we can keep ourselves busy with?

Reinhard Pollice: There is just plenty of additional stuff to discover including additional enemy encounters.

SegmentNext: The first two games had melee characters but Darksiders 3 comes with a ranged lead, how has that impacted gameplay dynamics. Less of a hack n slash game compared to previous titles?

Reinhard Pollice: Pacing wise our close reference is Darksiders 1. Fury’s standard whip fighting style is a bit slower paced, however, we haven’t talked much about other ways of doing combat as well as all the attacks she has with the whip. There is plenty…

SegmentNext: What about support? Xbox One X and PS4 Pro support being considered?

Reinhard Pollice: Yes.

SegmentNext: If we are to estimate, how long do you think it would take to complete Darksiders 3? Is it at least longer than Darksiders 2?

Reinhard Pollice: As we haven’t built everything it’s hard to estimate so I don’t want to drop a number here.

SegmentNext: How close are you to going gold?

Reinhard Pollice: We still have plenty of time left. Our release is in 2018 and we really want to make this a great experience. To achieve that we will give it the necessary time.

Darksiders 3 is releasing on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC sometime in 2018.

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