Darksiders 2 Soul Arbiter’s Maze Guide

One of the most difficult dungeons in Darksiders II is the notorious Soul Arbiter’s Maze. If you are struggling with it, read on for our Darksiders 2 Soul Arbiter’s Maze guide to solve the puzzles.

The maze contains a set of ten levels with various portals. There are five portals for each level; one is the central level you transition to the level from, and the rest are all options to go forward, of which only one is correct.

Each of the four portals has a letter marking on top of it. ‘E’ is for East, ‘W’ for West, and so on. The dungeon is said to be virtually impossible without the Soul Arbiter’s Scrolls (and the Soul Arbiter’s Sacred Scrolls if you are looking for treasure in the Secret Rooms), as these scrolls indicate which correct portal to take.

There are also additional Secret Rooms for every level that can be accessed by different portal combinations, and they have treasure chests with neat items.

You can find our Soul Arbiter’s Scrolls guide here if you want to do things the conventional way. But if you prefer saving yourself from an extremely tedious exploration for no less than 20 different scrolls scattered across the entire game’s world, then read on.

In this guide we’ll go over how to enter the Soul Arbiter’s Maze, the portals you need to take to progress in the levels of the maze, the portals required to get access to the Secret Room for every level, and also the enemies of each level, and how to tackle them.

A Word of Caution – I HIGHLY recommend getting some powerful weapons and acquiring the most powerful abilities before you try this dungeon. The maze has tons of enemies, of which some are very difficult. Heck, the final boss is also super-tough if you lack good enough equipment.

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Darksiders 2 Soul Arbiter’s Maze

The Soul Arbiter’s Maze is a unique dungeon found next to the City of the Dead. To the left of the path to the City of the Dead is an entrance to a large hallway with a few boxes with potions and gold.

You will see some objects just sitting when you enter the dungeon; destroy them to get a Boatman coin. Then go straight up and climb the pegs until to get to the last one, you need to wall run and then jump and get a hold of an interactive handhold when you do using your Death Grip and you will get to a ledge using the northern handholds.

Make your way up the northern handholds and use the Deathgrip hooks to get to a wall switch. Once you do that, drop down and run up the handholds that emerged to the wall on your left, and make your way to the other side with the Deathgrip hooks. There is a floor-lever there, which you should flip, and then run to the right and enter the door.

Go down the stairs and through another door that leads to a large room with a table in the front. The final Soul Arbiter’s Scroll is also there up on the podium with the portal. If you wish, have a look at the book on the table, and then when you are ready go through the portal to start your journey through this maze.

Heads Up

When you start exploring the Soul Arbiter’s Maze Levels it would become obvious that all the levels are based on the same rules, the most obvious being that every time you go through a portal you will have to fight with monsters related to it.

When you get to a particular level, it will be your choice to either get to the next level immediately or go to a room that has a treasure chest. To get to the treasure chest, of course you will have to fight a bit more battles. But it would be my advice to go get the treasure for the sake of XP.

In order to go through levels, you will use the information you get from the scrolls or from this guide. You will need a bit of know-how of how they say things in the scroll. They use only one letter for direction i.e. N is for north and so on. So if we or the scroll ask you to go north, go in the portal with an N on top of it.

If there is a staircase in front of you in place of an arena then you have to take the portal on the floor that will take you to the next level as you have reached the end of this one.

You don’t “have” to finish all ten levels on your first try. If you want to, you can just use the special portal in the main arena or just go to the pause menu and opt to end the play. But before you select the end play option, get to a staircase or you will have to play the entire level again.

When you get to the room with the mysterious tome; you will be able to interact with it, just select the level you want to go to and press space and stand next to the central portal again

Level 1 – Declination

Secret Room
To enter the secret room, go South, and then East. After entering the secret room and collecting the treasure, take the portal back to enter the original level.

Next Level
To go to the next level, go North, and then West.

The enemies are super-easy here – they’re just a bunch of skeletons, which is nothing that would worry anyone.

Level 2 – Apprehension

Secret Room
Go North, and then North again to get to the secret room.

Next Level
Head East, then South and then North to reach the next level.

You’ll face slightly tougher enemies, such as archers, but once again it should be quite easy if you’ve gone through most of the game  (which you should have)

Level 3 – Opposition

Secret Room
To get to the secret room, go North, South, and then East.

Next Level
For going to the next level, go West, East, North, and then North again.

You’ll fight Liches and some skeletons. The Liches can give you some trouble if you’ve got bad gear.

4 – Separation

Secret Room
Go West, East, and then North.

Next Level
Go East, West, North, and finally South.

You’ll fight slightly larger and tougher enemies, along with some standard easy-to-kill foes. Focus on the larger enemies first like the Scarab Hulks, and then on the skeletons. This is the first level that might give you a slightly more difficult time.

Level 5 – Deception

Secret Room
Head West, North, and then South.

Next Level
Go West, West, North, and then East

The fifth level has some badass General enemies, which should be focused at last.

They are slightly slow (though they get around easily because of their large size), but it’s best to take out the archers and minor enemies before focusing them.

6 – Isolation

Secret Room
Take the East portal, then East, then East again, and finally South.

Next Level
Go South, East, East, North, and finally North again.

The enemies to look out for here are the Abominations. They can do a lot of damage, so focus on the rest first, and then on them. Be careful of their AoE close-range damage. Good thing for you that they are super-slow. You should finish off the Wraiths first.

Level 7 – Revulsion

Secret Room
Head South, then South again, then West, North, and finally North again.

Next Level
Go South, West, East, East, and again East.

Level 7 will have the Bone giants, and they are tough, dealing a lot of damage and have a massive reach. If you have the Gnomad Scythes, they work very well against these guys, but if you don’t then you’ll need to be strategic, destroy every other enemy you find, and focus on these guys last.

The Undead Stalkers also offer quite a bit of challenge, and since you can’t use Deathgrip on them, they are best dealt with Gnomad Scythes.

8 – Inversion

Secret Room
Go North, South, South, East, and then North.

Next Level
Go North, West, North, West, East.

The nastry Tormentors will give you a lot of trouble if you don’t exterminate them first. For the spirits hovering about, take them out with Redemption to make life easier.

Level 8 at times leaves you completely with these spirits, so it’s not too difficult – just be careful about the Tormentors though.

Level 9 – Benediction

Secret Room
Go South, West, East, East, and North.

Next Level
Head East, North, East, North, and then finally South.

This level will feature more Scarab Hulks, regular Scarabs, Undead Stalkers, and Undead Prowlers. It sounds easier than it is, because the sheer amount of enemies you find in this level and during your journey from port-to-portal can easily be overwhelming.

10 – Apprehension

Secret Room
Go North, South, East, and then West.

Next Level
Go West, East, North, South, and finally West.

Level 10 will have the largest and nastiest collection of enemies of the game. You’ll fight all kinds of hideous creatures that do tons of damage, ranging from Undead Generals to Abominations to much more.

On later progressions, you will even fight multiple enemies of the same type at once, which can make things really complicated. Be brave, be wary, and be super-agile, and you should get through (provided you have good equipment).

Final Boss

Here we go, it’s the Soul Arbiter himself, and apart from having a cool voice, he has a few tricks up his sparky sleeves. In the start, he will do a combination of two quick forward strikes, which you should dodge, and afterwards immediately retaliate.

If he gets stunned, do some additional damage; if he doesn’t, evade immediately, or he’ll smash the ground with a fearsome strike and damage you.

Once you do some damage, he’ll summon some skeleton warriors and archers. Destroy the archers, then the skeletons, and then focus on the Arbiter again. The Arbiter is quite fast, and he’ll get a bit faster now, as he does a combination of some ground slams and his usual forward strikes.

Use the same strategy – attack after the two strikes, and then immediately back off. He’ll eventually summon more enemies for you to fight against.

Once you kill of the wave of skeleton champs and archers, the Arbiter will get a little bit faster and stronger, but if you do more damage to him, he’ll do something really deadly: summon an Undead General.

Normally, when the Arbiter summons, he will attain a passive role and float around with the shield, but while the General is summoned, he will also attack you. His speed makes this part of the fight very difficult.

Make sure you have some health potions during this period, otherwise things will go downhill really quick. You should use your Reaper mode in this part of the fight to get the General out of the equation as soon as possible.

Once the General is down, it should only take a few hits to finish off the Soul Arbiter.

Congratulations! You have just finished the most difficult dungeon of Darksiders 2. Have fun with Executioner’s Hooks!

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