Darksiders 2 Hidden Treasure Chests Locations Guide

Although you can find plenty of chests in Darksiders 2, these few chests that are difficult to spot are the ones you should definitely seek. The only problem is that they are well-hidden but that is where our Darksiders 2 Hidden Treasure Chests Locations guide comes in.

When we say hidden, it should automatically give you a hint that finding this will net you something special. In Darksiders 2, it’s a special item.

If you are interested in looting these chests, the following Darksiders 2 guide can assist you in finding them.

Darksiders 2 Hidden Treasure Chests Locations

Hidden Treasure #1
Location. In the lost temple (first floor), you will have to deal with some enemy constructs and sentinels. If you manage to defeat them in less than 5 minutes, the secret chest will appear.

Hidden Treasure #2
Location. In the Foundry (first floor), while you are looking for the second heart stone, look for a wall (when you enter the ruins), to climb onto to reach the balcony guarded well by Prowlers, kill them and destroy the pots for the chest to appear.

Hidden Treasure #3
Location. After getting the soul splitter, you need to get back to Forge Lands (Overworld) and search out the Fjord. Stand on the separate pressure plates (use the soul splitter),  and a path will open where you must break all the four pots find the treasure.

Hidden Treasure #4
Location. On earth, you will face two monsters named Noss. After defeating the second one, look for the 4 mailboxes near the bridge. Destroy these Mailboxes between the subway entrance and the bridge to get the tressure.

Hidden Treasure #5
Location. In Tri-stone, you will be able to spot 5 pots in the territory. Shoot them off to get the treasure inside. 2 are down the main street. 1 is near the Alya’s location and the rest 2 can be found near Muria’s location.

Hidden Treasure #6
Location. In the citadel (second floor), you are going to need a voidwlker to open a chest. You will find it on the floating island in the south. There are two portals in the area one in the north and other in near the shadowbomb pod. Use the shadow bomb through one of the portals to destroy the crystals hiding the chest.

Hidden Treasure #7
Location. In Gilded Arena (3rd basement level), smash all the gravestones in there to get the goodies.

Hidden Treasure#8
Location. The Black Stone( First Floor Past) breaks all the nearby objects at the southern portal to the future to get the treasure. Another chest can be found in the circular room as well

Hidden Treasure#9
Location. Lair of Desposed King( Death Tomb 2) Inside the tomb you must destroy all the treasure to be able to get your hands on the secret treasure!

Hidden Treasure#10
Location. Shadow Edge( Death Tomb 4) Upon destroying all the nearby objects on the death tomb you will have the treasure appear before you

Hidden Treasure#11
Location. Ivory Citadel(First Floor) After fighting the Corrupted Angel and making your way through the center of the map across a long bridge, you will cross a bridge onto another island with another Holy Fire Node. Find the portal and look beyond the wall to locate the four pots and destroy them to get the tressure

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