Dark Souls Souls Locations, Boss Soul Weapons Guide

Find out the location of all Dark Souls Souls and learn how to make Boss Weapons from some of these unique items from the game

Souls are the currency of Dark Souls and you will need a lot of souls for the aforementioned tasks. You also need to understand the Dark Souls soul values. But if you would rather collect these souls and level up your character normally, refer to the guide below that describes all the Dark Souls souls locations where you should collect these souls.

If you want to make the best out of Dark Souls, you should level up each character and play with all the best weapons, armor and magic spells that you can acquire but all that comes at a price.

Dark Souls Souls Locations

These are the souls that you gain by consumption.

Soul of a Lost Undead – 200
Locations. Infested Ghouls, Undead Asylum, Undead Burg, Undead Parish, Firelink Shrine.

Large Soul of a Lost Undead – 400
Locations. Undead Burg, Infested Ghouls, Undead Parish, Firelink Shrine.

Soul of a Nameless Soldier – 800
Locations. Undead Parish, Undead Burg, Depts, Valley of the Drakes, New Londo Ruins, Infested Ghouls.

Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier – 1000
Locations. Catacombs, Undead Burg, Undead Parish, New Londo Ruins, Blighttown, Depths, Quelaag Domain, Darkroot Garden, Darkroot Basin, Great Hollow, Ash Lake, Valley of the Drakes.

Soul of the Moonlight Butterfly – 1200

Can be obtained by killing the Moonlight Butterfly

Soul of a Proud Knight – 2000
Locations. Demon Ruins, Lost Izalith, Blighttown, Quelaags Domain, Valley of the Drakes, Darkroot Garden, Darkroot Basin, New Londo Ruins, Painted World of Ariamis.

Soul of a Brave Warrior – 5000
Locations. Tom of the Giants, Lost Izalith, Demon Ruins, Duke Archives, Darkroot Basin, New Londo Ruins, Valley of Drakes, Painted World of Ariamis, Sens Fortress, Darkroot Garden.

Large Soul of a Brave Warrior – 8000
Locations. Lost Izalith, Darkroot Garden, Darkroot Basin, Duke’s Archives, Crystal Cave, Demon Ruines.

Soul of Quelaag – 8000

Can be obtained by killing the Chaos Witch Quelaag

Soul of a Hero – 10000
Locations. Demon Ruins, Lost Izalith, Tomb of the Giants, Crystal Cave, Dukes Archives, Anor Londo, Sen’s Fortress

Core of an Iron Golem – 12000

Can be obtained by killing an Iron Golem.

Soul of Ornstein – 12000

Can be obtained by killing Dragon Slayer Ornstein.

Soul of Smough – 12000

Can be obtained by killing Executioner Smough.

Soul of Priscilla – 12000

Can be obtained by killing Crossbreed Priscilla.

Guardian Soul – 12000

Can be obtained by killing Sanctuary Guardian.

Soul of Sif – 16000

Can be obtained by killing Sif, the Great Grey Wolf.

Soul of Gwyndolin – 16000

Can be obtained by killing Dark Sun Gwyndolin.

Soul of Artorias – 16000

Can be obtained by killing Knight Artorias.

Soul of Manus – 18000

Can be obtained by killing Manus, Father of The Abyss.

Soul of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder – 20000

Can be obtained by killing Gwyn, Lord of Cinder.

Soul of a Great Hero – 20000
Locations. Demons Ruins, Lost Izalith, Crystal Cave, Duke’s Archives.

Special Souls

Most of these souls can be collected from bosses; you can use many of these to convert into special items. The items which have +10 stats are only converted from these boss souls.

Fire Keeper Soul
Locations. Duke’s Archives, New Londo Ruins, Blighttown, Knight Lautrex of Carim, Lady of the Darkling, Daughter of Chaos, undead Burg. You can consume it to Increase the effectiveness of Estus Flasks.

Bequeathed Lord Soul Shard
Locations. Seath the Scaleless (Crystal Cave), The Four Kings (Abyss). You will need it to give it to Lordvessel.

Lord’s Soul
Locations: Gravelord Nito (Tomb of the Giants), Bed of Chaos (Lost Izalith). You will need it to give it to Lordvessel.

Dark Souls Boss Soul Weapons

The following are all the Dark Souls Boss Weapons which can be made using souls.

Soul # Souls for Consumption Weapon Created Requirements
Soul of the Moonlight Butterfly 1200 Horn of the moonlight Butterfly   Crystal Ring Shield +10 Spear   +10 Shield
Soul of Quelagg 8000 Quelaags Furysword   Chaos Blade +10 Curved Sword   +10 Katana
Iron Golems Core 12000 Dragon Bone Fist   Golem Axe +10 Fist Weapon   +10 Axe
Ornsteins Soul 12000 Dragonslayer Spear +10 Spear
Smoughs Soul 12000 Smoughs Hammer +10 Hammer
Soul of Sif 16000 Cursed Greatsword of Artorias   Greatsword of Artorias   Greatshield of Artorias +10 Broken Straight Sword/ Straight Sword hilt   +10 Dagger/Straight Sword/Great Sword   +10 Shield
Gwyndolins Soul 20000 Darkmoon Bow   Tin Darkmoon Catalyst +10 Bow   Catalyst
Priscillas Soul 12000 Lifehunt Scythe +10 Scythe
Soul of Gwyn 20000 Great Lord Greatsword +10 Dagger/GreatSword and Straight Sword


Boss Soul Weapons Tips

Now that you know how to acquire each of the unique Boss Soul Weapons, let’s talk about what these weapons actually do.

Horn of The Moonlight Butterfly

This weapon deals high magic damage to enemies

Crystal Ring Shield

If in R2 right hand, a ring of crystal light is thrown. This inflicts damage using 200% of the attack power of the weapon in your right hand. To do this attack, the shield uses up 4 durability.

The attack power of the shield itself is very underwhelming. So, you shouldn’t use crystal light with the shield in the right hand. However, using it in the left hand, coupled with a weapon which has very high attack power will deal very impressive damage.

The shield does not have very good stability, so it’s not a good idea to use it as an actual shield. If you get an overkill with this shield, the number of souls dropped by the enemy will be boosted by 20%.

Quelaags Fury Sword

This weapon deals physical and fire damage. Its damage is relative to humanity.

Chaos Blade

This weapon inflicts 300 bleed damage. Its damage is relative to humanity. It also deals some damage to the wielder, on striking enemies.

Dragon Bone Fist

This weapon’s scaling is higher, as compared to other gauntlet weapons. However, the damage is very low.

Golem Axe

The one-handed strong attack of this weapon deals magic damage through an area of effect wind sphere.

Dragonslayer Spear

The one-handed strong attack of this weapon produces a thunderbolt, taking 20 points from the spear’s durability. The two-handed strong attack is a very hard move to master.

Smough’s Hammer

This weapon’s strength and weight requirement is the highest out of all weapons in Dark Souls. It has very significant base damage and restores 10 HP of the wielder for every hit landed.

Greatsword of Artorias

This weapon deals high magic and physical damage and its stat boosts are very impressive.

Cursed Greatsword of Artorias

This cursed version of the Greatsword of Artorias does not deal magic damage, but has stronger base damage and can easily deal damage to ghosts.

Greatshield of Artorias

This shield has incredibly high stability, making it one of the bests Greatshields in the game. However, it is very heavy and does not work that well against magic and lightning.

Darkmoon Bow

This bow has very high base damage and is faster than a longbow. It can be coupled with Moonlight Arrows to inflict very high damage.

Tin Darkmoon Catalyst

Using this makes spell damage scale with faith, instead of intelligence.

Lifehunt Scythe

This weapon inflicts 500 bleed damage. However, every hit landed with this weapon will also inflict some bleed damage to the user.

Great Lord Greatsword

This weapon has high base damage and fast swing speed, but with a long charge-up. It requires a lot of points in dexterity and strength to deal its maximum damage.

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