Dark Souls Blacksmiths and Teachers Location Guide

Dark Souls has different teachers, blacksmiths and merchants in various locations that will sell you items for a certain price and the price will be in the form of souls which actually serves as the currency in the game.

The items you can buy from them include armor, weapons, spells, consumables, and ores, etc.

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Dark Souls Blacksmiths

Don’t spend you souls for an inferior item. Wait a little more and come back when you have enough souls for some classy product. You can also sell your items for some souls. You can find these NPC after ringing the two bells.

Try not to make any merchant furious as he/she can stop negotiating with you. Merchants don’t like the hollows so you will be welcome only if you are a human. Always buy the item that has resale value so that you can sell it again to get something better.

How to Forge in Dark Souls

Smiths are useful in repairing your items such as weapons and armors and also upgrading your weapons to increase damage in exchange for a price. Therefore, you must collect some souls in order to use the smiths. Just like merchants, you must mark the locations for your desired upgrade, as smiths too don’t accept all the items available.


Andre of Astora

Andre of Astora is an extremely useful blacksmith in Dark Souls and vends very useful items including the titanite shards, necessary Crest of Artorias, smith boxes, etc. He can be found below the old unused church which links Undead Parish with Darkroot Garden.

He is the initial blacksmith you encounter and he is the only blacksmith to ascend weapons down the Standard, Raw, Divine, and Occult paths.

Drop: Blacksmith Hammer, Humanity, Crest of Artorias.

Item Souls
 Titanite Shard 800


Key Item Souls
Crest of Artorias 20,000
Weapon Smithbox 2000
Armor Smithbox 2000
Repairbox 2000


Weapon Souls
Longsword 1000
Broadsword 1000
Bastard Sword 3000
Battle Axe 1000
Warpick 800
Caestus 200
Pike 2000
Large Leather Shield 800
Tower Kite Shield 1000
Caduceus Kite Shield 1000


Rickert of Vinheim

Rickert of Vinheim is from he is from Vinheim, he is a blacksmith by trade in Dark Souls, and after stepping out of the elevator coming from Firelink Shrine, he can be found trapped in a cell at the start of New Londo Ruins next to the undead staircase. He is probably the most easily accessed blacksmith in the game.

He belongs to a magical community and can upgrade weapons to magic. However, in order to enchant weapons, an enchanted ember is required. You can find the ember in the middle of darkroot garden.

Drop: 1000 Souls

Sorcery Souls
Soul Arrow 2,000
Heavy Soul Arrow 4,000


 Mage Smith Hat
 Mage Smith Coat
 Mage Smith Gauntlets
 Mage Smith Boots


Giant Blacksmith

Giant Blacksmith is a well-known character in Dark Souls. He is really friendly and provides you with special weapon upgrades. He is also in charge of Crystals and lightning reinforcements.

You will find Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo. After the second bonfire, move up the stairs to a big secured building which is protected by many Batwing Demons along with two Sentinels. You’ll find a locked door on your left side which is unlocked from the opposite side, the door directs you to the Giant Blacksmith, you can enter the opposite side by clearing some of Anor Londo.

The giant blacksmith can also be met from the other bonfire, just unlock the locked door which leads you towards the sentinels. You can also get the Hawk Ring behind him in a box by rolling on his left side by the walls.

Drop: Blacksmith Giant Hammer

Armor Souls
Giant Helm 6,000
Giant Armor 8,000
Giant Gauntlets 6,000
Giant Leggings 6,000


Upgrade Material Souls
Titanite Shard 800
Large Titanite Shard 3,800
Green Titanite Shard 4,800
Twinkling Titanite 8,000  


Weapon Souls
Giant’s Halberd 5000
Giant Shield 10000


Ammunition Souls
Moonlight Arrow 500
Dragonslayer Arrow 500
Standard Arrow 10
Large Arrow 50
Feather Arrow 100


Ammunition   Souls  
Lightning Bolt 700
Standard Bolt 30
Heavy Bolt 100
Sniper Bolt 250



Vamos is an isolated skeleton and a blacksmith by trade in Dark Souls. He is found at the lower part of Catacombs. Pass the initial bonfire and travel ahead until you find a breakable spiral staircase. Walk off the bottom of the stairs and into a hole, where you’ll find Vamos approaching you in a cut scene.

Upon reaching him, he’ll unlock Wheel Skeleton Valley’s shortcut. He not that useful compared to other blacksmiths. He is located in a place which isn’t visited that often. And be really careful not to lure the Bonewheel Skeletons towards Vamos, as he can be killed easily.

Drop: Hammer of Vamos, Royal Helm

Items Souls
Homeward Bone 500


Upgrade Material Souls
Titanite Shard 800


Ammunition Souls
Standard Arrow 10
Large Arrow 50
Wooden Arrow 3
Standard Bolt 30
Heavy Bolt 100
Wood Bolt 10


Dark Souls Teachers

Following are the Dark Souls teacher found in the game.

Caged Wizard

You can find this NPC in the lower level of Sen’s Fortress. IF you free him, he will move back to Firelink Shrine to teach you a spell.

Big Hat Logan

Big Hat Logan can be found in the following places:

  • The merchant is confined in Sen’s Fortress at the back of a decaying wall which can be broken by weapons and even Serpent soldiers.
  • Alongside Griggs in Firelink
  • Prison in the Duke’s Archives.
  • Library in the Duke’s Archives,
  • The place where the initial meeting was held between Scaleless and Seath.
Logan’s Catalyst
Scimitar +10
Small Leather Shield +10
Scimitar +14
Small Leather Shield +14
Tin Crystallization Catalyst


Big Hat +5,
Sage Robe +5
Traveling Gloves +8
Traveling Boots +8
Traveling Gloves +10
Traveling Boots +10


Great Soul Arrow
Great Heavy Soul Arrow
 Soul Spear
 Homing Crystal Soulmass
Crystal Soul Spear
 White Dragon Breath


Petrus of Thorolund

He is situated at the Firelink Shrine. He’ll open a shop after you’ve interacted with him twice. If you kill this merchant, that kill will be counted as a sin and her guardians will attack you on sight if you kill Petrus before Reah of Thorolund has reached Firelink Shire. Y

ou will receive a copper coin as a token of goodwill and can receive 3 humanities via Dark Hand.

Great Heal Excerpt 10000
Homeward 8000
Force 4000
Seek Guidance 2000
Heal 4000
Thorolund Talisman 5000
Gesture: Shrug Free


Griggs of Vinheim

Griggs of Vinheim is confined in a room in the lower section of Undead Burg. You need to turn right from the second set of stairs. Head to the alley where you will find a torch-carrying undead.

The door where Griggs can be found in the second room to your left. He can be saved by using the Resistance key purchased from the male undead merchant. After saving him, he goes to the Firelink Shrine and stands beneath a ledge near the well.

Drop: Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring, Hush, Humanity

Sorcery Souls
Soul Arrow 1000
Heavy Soul Arrow 2000
Great Soul Arrow 6000
Great Heavy Soul Arrow 8000
Fall Control 1500
Magic Weapon 3000
Aural Decoy 1000
Magic Shield 3000
Soul Spear 40,000
Homing Soulmass 20,000

Firelink Shrine

Sorcerer’s Catalyst
Mail Breaker +6
Small Leather Shield +6


Black Sorcerer Hat +4
Black Sorcerer Cloak +4
Black Sorcerer Gloves +4
Black Sorcerer Boots +4


Soul Arrow
Heavy Soul Arrow


Sen’s Fortress

Sorcerer’s Catalyst
Mail Breaker +10
Small Leather Shield +10


Black Sorcerer Hat +8
Black Sorcerer Cloak +8
Black Sorcerer Gloves +8
Black Sorcerer Boots +8


Soul Arrow
Heavy Soul Arrow


Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring


Laurentius of the Great Swamp

Laurentius of the Great Swamp is imprisoned inside a barrel (barrel must not be damaged by any kind of weapon) just after facing off he first butcher.

He can be rescued in the Depths and afterward found in the Firelink Shrines. You can see him sitting on the ground if you go up the stairs and take a left.

Pyromancy Flame +8
Hand Axe +8
Cracked Round Shield +8


Tattered Cloth Hood +6
Tattered Cloth Robe +6
Tattered Cloth Manchette +6
Heavy Boots +6


Fire Orb


Pyromancy Souls
Fire Orb 8000
Combustion 500
Iron Flesh 2000
Flash Sweat 2000
Fireball 800

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