Dark Souls Bonfires Locations – Gaining Humanity, Resting, Leveling Up

Bonfires aren’t just the places where you can save your progress. There are other functions too including the leveling up and souls revival etc. If you die during the battle with the demons, you will start from the last bonfire you visited so it is useful to know the location of all bonfires locations in Dark Souls.

At every bonfire, your health, stamina, and spells will be restored and all the enemies excluding the bosses will be revived. So the struggle begins again and it will be like this till you make your way through without being killed. Other activities you can perform at bonfire are:

Dark Souls Bonfires Locations

Whether you are a player struggling at the game or want more challenge, Dark Souls bonfires are one feature of the game which is extremely crucial to the player experience. They can provide respite after long battles or if you want more challenge, they can respawn all the enemies for you to fight again in a slightly different manner if you choose. You can also see the “ghosts” of other players near bonfires.


The bonfire restores your health, stamina and spells, and even replenishes your Estus Flask. It also removes Poison and Toxic effects from you. However, once you respawn at a bonfire, all the enemies excluding the bosses will be revived. So, the struggle begins again and it will be like this till you make your way through without being killed.

Leveling Up And Spells

This is where you can customize your character. You can call it the buy and sell store. The souls you have gathered can be spent to level up which is quite important while fighting with the demons specially the bosses.

You can then fill the free Attunement slots with the spells you want. Those spells are limited and if you run out of count, you will have to visit the bonfire to replenish them. You can equip more slots with the same spell to increase the number for example if you have 2 heal spells, you can caste it for 10 times rather than 5.



The bonfire also allows you to reinforce your weapons, armor and equipment – that is, if you find or purchase the Weapon Smithbox, Armor Smithbox and Repairbox from Andre of Astora, respectively. It also grants access to the Bottomless Box

Humanity and Kindling Bonfires

You will start as a demon too. But with the passage of time you will gather humanity points which you can spend at the bonfires. Why one would want to be a human specially when the demons are the opponents? Well humans are more resistant to magical spells like curses while hollows are more sensitive.

Then in multiplayer, if you are human, you can invite others in your world and invade others’. But if you are a demon, you can’t act as a human host and can only join other worlds. Humanity comes handy specially in the boss fights.

You can also use humanity to kindle the bonfires to increase storage capacities. You can grab more items by kindling these bonfires. Estus Flasks, for example, are useful while you are up against the big demons.

How To Gain Humanity (by Arthur Martinz)
one of the easier ways is that you can find it on bodies as you explore dungeons. The other ways of attaining humanity are a combination of hard and easy methods.

Two ways require an online connection, as you can attain humanity by being summoned and helping someone defeat an area boss. You are also rewarded souls for helping them. The other way is by invading a person’s world and killing them.

The offline way of attaining humanity is by attacking and killing the human NPCs that are located around the world. This is a debatable method, as the NPCs will not respawn and you lose access to the items/spells/services that they provide.

You can also farm humanity off of rats, which are plentiful in the Depths. By starting at the first bonfire in the Depths, you can make a route that allows you to not only farm humanity off of the rats, but green titanite from slimes, and curse eyes from the cursed frogs.


One really useful feature of the bonfire is that you can warp between certain bonfires on the map. This can be done subsequent to the acquisition of the Lordvessel. These bonfires possess the ability of teleportation: Depths, Firelink Shrine, Anor Londo, The Duke’s Archives, Crystal Cave, Tomb Of The Giants, Painted Word Of Ariamis, Sanctuary Oolacile (Artorias Of The Abyss), Undead Parish

Revival of Souls/Reverse Hollowing

Whenever you die in the game, you will return to the last bonfire in the hollow form. All your souls and humanity will be lost on the spot you died. You can recover it though if you manage to get to that point again.

The blood stain there will restore your lost resources. If you can’t reach that spot then there is a probability that those souls and humanity will be lost forever.

If this happens to you somehow then don’t be hasty and try luring the foes towards the bonfire so that you don’t die again which otherwise is more likely and you will be able to recover your souls.

Bonfire Locations

Court Yard – Undead Asylum: Once the Asylum Demon boss has been killed, this one can be found in the Undead Asylum’s main area.

Escape Route – Undead Asylum: This one can be found in the Undead Asylum’s sewer area.

Undead Burg: This area has two bonfires. The first one is present in the room, west of the initial undead archer.

The second one is present right behind the Wyvern on the long bridge.

Undead Parish: This one can be found down the stairs, to the meeting point with blacksmith Andre, to the east of the Undead Parish.

Firelink Shrine: Once the Undead Asylum has been finished, you will spawn at this bonfire.

These are the main functions of a bonfire except for saving your progress. Whenever you come across it, make sure that you use your resources wisely. For more help on Dark Souls, read our Weapons and Reinforcements, Magic, Items and Boss Strategy Guide.

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