Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Slave Knight Gael Boss Guide

This Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Slave Knight Gael Boss Guide will help you with how to defeat the Slave Knight Gael in Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City DLC.

Slave Knight Gael is the final boss of The Ringed City DLC’s main path. Before the boss battle, Slave Knight Gael can be encountered as a non-hostile NPC in the Cleansing Chapel of The Cathedral of the Deep.

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Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Slave Knight Gael Boss

Slave Knight Gael will be encountered at Filianore’s Rest. He can be seen consuming the Pygmy Lords to obtain the Dark Soul of Man.

In the first phase of this boss fight just dodge its swings and immediately attack him, but try not to get greedy as it will kill you in an instance if given the chance. In this phase, the boss will be hunched over. You will need to have a quick reaction time for this phase of his.

As the Slave Knight Gael backs off to prepare to lunge at you, as he does roll towards him and you will dodge the lunge attack. The same goes for the plunging attacks.

As you hear him scream, it means that he’s about to perform a flurry, but rhythmic rolls under each swing should see you right.

Alternatively, rolling backward will also work as long ad you have the space to pull it off. Make sure that you dodge forwards whenever you see the enemy flying through the air. This way, you can get placed behind Gael and land great counter-attacks.

The second phase of this boss fight in The Ringed City DLC is a tough one. Gael’s pose will have changed in this phase, since he will stand up instead of having a hunched back. The knight will have gained a series of slash attacks that allow him to sweep over a wide range of space.

Keep rolling towards Gael or continuously roll away from him so that you can dodge these slashing attacks.

However, rolling towards him will allow you to have a better positional advantage since that will allow you to land counter-attacks. You will have to be careful since if you’re reckless, you’ll be killed in a few of his attacks.

In the third phase his attacks have a deadly energy wake, his range has increased and it will use a crossbow and will throw some energy projectiles.

This will feature a chaotic Gael. The final phase will have him launch random lightning strikes at you, alongside his already-powerful melee and magic attacks.

Rolling to the left or right will save you from these, however, you will have to dodge the energy blast twice as it will come back at you again. When Slave Knight Gael is not using projectiles, go right to him and strike him.

One attack to watch is his downward swing, as it’ll hit you again on the way up, so be sure to dodge twice for that.

The crossbow can be interrupted by attacks if you are standing close to him. You will also notice how his attacks will have become a lot more aggressive in this final phase due to this hyper offensive stance.

His jumping lunge attack will have a new variation, while the stabbing attack will now be a very powerful slash attack.

He will combine the projectile attacks with his new slash attack to make it an unavoidable technique for you.

As his health drops to just on third, he will scream and while he will get a few hits on him and roll back. There will be a lot of attacks going on around you and they will come at you fast one after the other. However, don’t panic just stay close to him and stab it to death.

You can also get a few hits while he hunches up and starts muttering. He will repeat the death orbs attacks and this time he will also lunge at you, so keep rolling until you are clear. Repeat these steps and he will go down.

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