Dark Souls 3 Sales Pass 520,000 on Steam Alone

Dark Souls 3 sales on PC have passed over 520,000, which can most likely be attributed to an increasingly high level of polish in the PC ports.

PC seems to continue to be the best platform for a great deal of games in light of recent Dark Souls 3 sales, which have passed over 520,000 digital copies just on Steam, to say nothing of its sales on the Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Of these 520,000 copies, the game has been played by 453,381 players in the past two weeks, with a margin of error of around 15,000. These players have played the game an average of five and a half hours in the past two weeks, though some have averaged at least seven.

These figures are all according to SteamSpy, a website that uses sales data from Steam games to indicate how many people have bought them and played them.

Videos on YouTube about the game have racked up over 5 million viewers just last week, and over 50 videos related to Dark Souls 3 were uploaded just yesterday.

While SteamSpy doesn’t have any data for Dark Souls 3 sales on consoles, the fact that the game has sold this well on PC in just its first week of release has indicated that the game is a roaring success.

Dark Souls 3 released on Tuesday in North America and was already garnering rave reviews in both Japan and the West, and with the runaway success of From Software’s previous game Bloodborne, Dark Souls continues to be a guaranteed cash cow for Sony and From, even after the somewhat lackluster reception of Dark Souls 2.

Dark Souls’s success on PC can most likely be attributed to an increasingly high level of polish in the Dark Souls PC ports. The PC port for the first Dark Souls was rather badly received, as it was mostly done as an afterthought due to the success of the console versions of the game. Dark Souls 2’s PC release was then delayed in order to prevent a similar performance issue, though that version of the game still had a number of glitches in it.

Dark Souls 3, in addition to its great sales on all of its release platforms, has already announced that it will be having its first DLC in August. While we have no idea of what it may be, it will probably catapult the game into even greater heights of success.

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